Macau Junket CEO Arrested, Accused Of Conspiring With Philippine POGOs

alvin chau arrested

Alvin Chau, the CEO of Suncity Group Holdings, was taken into custody this weekend after a warrant for his arrest was issued in the Chinese city of Wenzhou on Friday. Suncity is Macau’s largest junket operator, and China’s main complaint against the 47-year-old Chau is as basic and nebulous as you’d expect: money laundering. However, … Read more

Anti-POGO Act of 2020 Goes Viral Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

poster for philippines coronavirus quarantine stating we heal as one

While Philippine POGOs have always been controversial since the Duterte administration approved and licensed them in 2016, that controversy has mostly been fueled by the Xi Jinping administration in China. Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators – or POGOs – are run by Chinese migrants living in the islands, and their online gambling services exclusively target mainland … Read more

China Softens On POGOs, Philippine Gambling Market

china backs off pogo criticism

This week, the Chinese government announced a new initiative aimed at policing the country’s illegal gambling market. This is, at least publicly, something of a 180 from the nation’s stance in the last several months, where it implored the Duterte Administration to bar all online gaming in the Philippines. With Duterte et al. having none … Read more

Chinese Online Gambling Scam Bolsters Philippine POGO Industry

wynn macau victim of chinese online gambling scam

It’s been a reasonably quiet week in the Philippines gambling market, for a change. However, thanks to the ongoing row between China and the Philippines due to the latter’s controversial POGO industry, developments in competing markets – especially those in China – are of much interest to Filipino casino insiders. Just this week, the China … Read more

Cambodia Caves To Beijing, Strengthens Philippine Gambling Market

hun sen xi jinping antigambling crackdown

While the Philippines have been a constant thorn in the side of China through the former’s controversial POGO industry, Cambodia has received less fanfare for being largely the same thing. Over the past several years, both Southeast Asian nations have built up domestic gambling markets that largely target mainland Chinese players, much to Beijing’s chagrin. … Read more

POGO Critics Contradict Government Claims, Paint Bleak Picture Of Industry

pogos operating illegally in the philippines

The Philippine gambling industry can’t seem to catch a break. Despite record profits and a concerted effort to crack down on tax-dodging POGOs and commercial brick-and-mortar casinos, critics are still pushing the narrative that the industry is a magnet for fraudsters and violent criminals. The South China Morning Post’s most recent report on the subject … Read more

POGOs Aren’t The Only Tax Dodgers In The Philippine Gambling Market

philippines private casinos tax dodging

There is seemingly no end to the various “controversies” around the domestic Philippines gambling industry. Usually, the issues of import arise from the tenuous, Chinese-dominated POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator) market, but the local casino markets have also been in the spotlight of late. First, many local politicians suggested that the state-run casinos in the … Read more

Philippines Report Shines New Light On POGO, Casino Scandals

chinese loan shark gangster movie

2019 has been an adventurous – if not tumultuous year – for the Philippine gambling industry. Between admonishments from neighboring China and the influx of migrants to President Rodrigo Duterte’s crackdown on tax-evading Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) and the local government’s questioning of the state-owned brick-and-mortar casino model, the market – while profitable – … Read more

This Week In Philippines Gambling: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

philippines gambling good bad ugly

For the domestic gambling industry, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the Philippines. There are three major stories of note concerning the gaming landscape in the island nation, with some good news and some bad news. The Good Starting off with the good news, PAGCOR – the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation – … Read more

With Chinese Exodus, New Clientele And Higher Taxes Could Save POGO Industry

POGO tax hike

Seemingly week to week, the gambling situation in the Philippines appears to change. Indeed, the politics of POGOs (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators) and local gaming venues have lately been the biggest roller coaster in the country. For many of the parties involved, of course, the current landscape has been far from an amusement park. After … Read more