POGO Coronavirus Hospitals? Illegal Chinese Medical Facility Raided

Philippine inspectors raid an illegal Chinese coronavirus hospital near Manila

POGOs have been controversial in the Philippines since their launch in 2016. These Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators are domestic businesses in the islands, and they exist almost entirely to give mainland Chinese citizens access to offshore gambling. Due to the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, most Philippine businesses have been shuttered as part of the broad … Read more

Anti-POGO Act of 2020 Goes Viral Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

poster for philippines coronavirus quarantine stating we heal as one

While Philippine POGOs have always been controversial since the Duterte administration approved and licensed them in 2016, that controversy has mostly been fueled by the Xi Jinping administration in China. Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators – or POGOs – are run by Chinese migrants living in the islands, and their online gambling services exclusively target mainland … Read more

PAGCOR Casinos To Remain Closed Until May Due To Coronavirus

pagcor casinos lockdown coronavirus philippines

Times are tough all over. What was supposed to be a month-long Manila shutdown has been extended to the end of April at the very least, and the quarantine could last longer still. Karlo Nograles, spokesperson for the country’s coronavirus task force, said that the request was made to the Rodrigo Duterte administration because the … Read more

Coronavirus Cost: PAGCOR losing Nearly US$120 Million Per Month

coronavirus cost 120 million usd per month pagcor

As the worldwide Wuhan coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on industry across the globe, the Philippines gambling market is experiencing significant losses. The most recent estimates suggest that PAGCOR – the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation – is losing US$118 million in revenue per month while most of its gambling businesses have been shut down. PAGCOR … Read more

Despite Casino Closures, PAGCOR Operators Aiding Coronavirus Response

manila lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic

Last week, it was announced that Metro Manila was to undergo a month-long quarantine to help fend off the impact of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. Naturally, that also meant closing casinos in the National Capital Region (NCR), which is comprised of 16 major cities. Now, however, the brick-and-mortar gaming ban has been … Read more

POGOs Stay Open As Coronavirus Suspends PAGCOR Gambling

manila lockdown covid19

In an effort to help slow the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus inside the Philippines, PAGCOR – the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation – has ordered the immediate closure of all land-based casinos located within the National Capital Region (NCR), or Metropolitan Manila. These include standard PAGCOR venues, licensed casino resorts, brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, electronic gaming … Read more

This Week In Philippines Gambling: Coronavirus, Wakes, And The PBA

pba season to start amid coronavirus concerns

It’s been a busier time than usual in the Philippines gambling market. With fears of coronavirus continuing to spread, many Chinese gamblers are turning to POGOs, which is a boon for the islands’ gaming industry and tax coffers. However, locals are also more cautious to travel and mingle in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos within the Philippines, … Read more