COVID Gambling Truths To Usher In New Philippine Casino Revolution

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At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, PH Resorts Group Holdings COO Jose Angel Sueiro dished out some Real Talk™ at the G2E Asia 2022 expo. His revelation? That the coronavirus pandemic has been a “great reminder” for casino operators and government regulators to “understand [their] local market.” Part of this, no doubt, is … Read more

PAGCOR Helps Philippine Casinos Take The “Junk” Out Of Junkets

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As the Philippines transitions from the Duterte Administration to the Marcos Administration, the gambling market has remained relatively quiet. Outside of ongoing e-sabong debates behind closed doors (the pastime remains banned for now), it’s all been very business as usual. In fact, the only item of note in the Philippine gambling industry these last several … Read more

PAGCOR Ramps Up Efforts Against Illegal Philippine Gambling Operators

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As the new Philippine Presidential administration prepares to take over, it appears that the nation’s anti-e-Sabong initiative will continue to be prioritized. As the massively popular game has been pushed from the regulated space back to the black market, the potential for more abuses – abuses that will no doubt be along the same lines … Read more

Kazuo Okada Hits Legal Jackpot, Wins Back Namesake Manila Casino

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For the most part – including the run-up to and immediate aftermath of the 2022 Philippine Presidential election – there’s been a general dearth of “scandal” to report on in the legal Philippine gambling sector. For months, the biggest story has been related to the alleged kidnappings associated with the now-banned e-Sabong market, with a … Read more

Philippine Casino Self Exclusion Is Rare, And That’s A Good Thing

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As online gambling enthusiasts (and big fans of brick-and-mortar gambling when we can find the time for it), we have mixed feelings on various subjects having to do with gambling addiction, gambling withdrawals, self-exclusion, and the like. In general, we think that these are important issues, but we’ve also seen how they’re often misused or … Read more

PBA Betting Resumes, Tom Brady Retires, Washington Goes Nuts, And More

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Another week, another weekly Philippine legal online gambling roundup. And, as you might expect, we have both good news and bad news to report. The good news comes by way of the latest PBA developments: On Sunday, the league announced a February 11 restart for the 2021-2022 Governors’ Cup. The move comes as a relief … Read more

Shutdown Averted: 2021 PBA Governors’ Cup To Resume In Early February

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Last week, we told you about the latest news regarding the restart of the 2021 PBA Governors’ Cup. Due to coronavirus concerns amid the outbreak of the so-called Omicron variant, the conference was suspended on December 26 after just two and a half weeks of play. Most teams managed to play a full five games … Read more

PBA Commissioner: 2021 Governors’ Cup Could Be Canceled Outright

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Aside from a few developments in the Opol casino drama, there’s nothing much to report on regarding legal gambling in the Philippines. On the sports betting side of things, there’s also not much happening, as the PBA Governors’ Cup is still suspended due to lockdowns resultant from the current COVID Omicron outbreak. Fortunately, there’s plenty … Read more

What’s New In The Philippine Gambling Expansion Fight?

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Gambling expansion in the Philippines – slowed over the last two years by the coronavirus outbreak – is starting to pick up steam once again. In doing so, however, it’s met a surprising level of opposition. And this opposition isn’t just limited to online casino gambling or online cockfighting (aka eSabong), either. The recent governmental … Read more

Legal Offshore Philippine Casinos: No Politics, Limited Risk, All Fun

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In the Philippines, casino gambling is big business. And despite the recent reduction to 50% capacity on area gaming floors (75% inside Metro Manila IR casinos), revenues are up substantially over last year. However, before you venture back out to your favorite nearby gambling house – if you’re legally allowed to, that is – you … Read more