Legal Casino Gambling In The Philippines By Region

On this page, you will find access to information about the different regions of the Philippines, including an up-to-date and accurate look at the legal casino market within each of them. While most gambling laws are the same throughout the country there are multiple regulators and not every region applies the same policies or features the same types of gambling options. This resource guide will take you on a journey throughout the Philippines and provide insight regarding the various forms of entertainment and gambling opportunities across the islands. We will include information about where you can find legal casinos in the Philippines and which licensed online casinos to accept Filipino players from the various regions. We suggest you use these pages as a guide and to assist you in your search for gambling entertainment in the Philippines.

National And Regional Gambling Laws

Domestic gambling is legal across the Philippines on the federal level. There are two distinct regions set up by the federal gambling laws to govern the industry across the Philippines. Most of the country is governed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), while the Cagayan Valley is governed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). While they follow the same federal laws pertaining to gambling in the Philippines, the two authorities have complete control over their assigned regions. These gambling authorities have the power to establish their own regulations but must abide by national Philippine gambling laws. Online gambling is also legal when played from an offshore legally licensed and regulated online source. Since a lot of the Philippines is rural, online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms are a main source of entertainment.

Philippines Regions Offering Legal Casino Gambling

Below are the regions that have significant gambling operations. These pages will serve as a gambling entertainment guide for their specific regions while highlighting certain aspects unique to the region.

Metro Manila

Metro Manila is the largest area in the Philippines with the most casinos. More than 20 casinos attract tourism and provide a significant source of revenue for the country. There is also a number of MegaSportsWorld retail locations for residents and visitors seeking brick-and-mortar bookmakers. Multiple forms of gambling are legal in the area, including casino gambling, Filipino friendly online casinos, domestic poker rooms, Philippines legal online poker, horse race bettingonline sports betting sites accepting Filipino bettors, lottery and more.

Cagayan Valley

The Cagayan Valley consists of several rural communities and farmlands. There are a few coastal cities that are set up to be tourist destinations with nice beaches and moderately sized hotels. Santa Ana is the only Cagayan Valley city that currently has land-based casinos and since 2010, Filipino's have been allowed inside to play. Online gambling, online sportsbooks and all other forms of online wagering are legal for Cagayan residents as long as they play sites not located or licensed in the Philippines. Our regional pages will explore all legal gambling options for the Cagayan Valley and the rest of the Philippines.

Philippines Regional Casino Gambling FAQs

Can individual regions in the Philippines establish their own gambling laws?

No, there are two agencies that can establish the gambling regulations in the Philippines (CEZA & PAGCOR) to better their communities and enforce the law but both are government owned and follow federal gambling laws set forth by the Philippine Congress.

Who regulates regional legal casino gambling in the Philippines?

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) regulate casino gambling for their designated regions. PAGCOR covers 90-95% of the country, while CEZA regulates the Cagayan Valley.

Why are there two gambling regulators in the Philippines?

There are two regulators because, in 1995, the Office of the President and Congress enacted Republic Act 7922 and created the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). PAGCOR was originally from this area too but since the creation of CEZA, the authority has been given to them to make the Cagayan Valley a self-sustaining economic region and to attract foreign investments, trade, and tourism.

Does PAGCOR have authority over CEZA since it controls more area and has been in power longer?

No, CEZA has control of their own region and PAGCOR has no control over them or the Cagayan Economic Zone. While they are a lot smaller than PAGCOR, CEZA was set up to develop their own rules and regulations concerning gambling in the Cagayan Valley. Both corporations are owned by the Philippine government.

Is online gambling legal in both CEZA and PAGCOR regions?

Yes, online gambling is legal on a federal level when played via offshore licensed and regulated sites. Both regulatory agencies now license online gaming entities but will not allow their licensed gaming sites to accept Filipino players. Players are only permitted to play offshore legally sanctioned gambling sites that are not located or licensed within the Philippines. This rule applies to Philippine friendly mobile casinos as well.