Philippines Legal Online Craps

Philippines AcceptedCraps is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world, though unlike other amusements, it’s a player-centric game. As such, the transition from real craps to online craps has required more innovation than most other casino games. Luckily, legal online craps in the Philippines has been expertly refined over the years, and it’s a huge gambling market unto itself.

If you’re used to playing street craps or simply want a break from the brick-and-mortar casino tables, our craps gambling guide explains everything you need to know to start playing online. And if you’ve never played real-money casino games before, you’ll be able to learn the basics and prepare to shoot the dice with the best Philippines casino sites in the business.

Is Online Craps Legal For Philippines Residents?

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Yes! It is 100% legal for Filipino gamblers to play craps online – along with any other real-money casino game they wish – at the sites recommended here. The only rule is that you must meet the age requirements set by the operators, which vary from 18+ in most cases to 21 and up for some sites.

Otherwise, there are no Philippine gambling laws against online craps or other online casino games, and all the sites we recommend have been industry stalwarts and trusted operators for years. When you gamble with these venues, you might crap out, but you’ll never crap out!

Best Online Craps Casino For Filipino Players

BetOnline – Like Playing Craps In Vegas Since 1992!

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BetOnline has been offering its full casino suite to Filipino gamblers since 1992, making it one of the oldest and most trusted online Philippine casinos in the industry.

In addition to offering some of the best, most fair craps games on the Internet, BetOnline also gives its members access to hundreds of RNG online slots, online blackjack, online roulette, keno, bingo, video poker, live dealer games, and more. You can even bet sports and put money on the ponies at BetOnline.

New PH members can claim the site’s 100% casino welcome bonus for up to $3000 in free plays, and if you deposit with crypto, you can claim even more bonus bucks! Joining is free, and all Philippines residents are welcome at 18 and up.

Visit Betonline Sportsbook & Casino

Top-Rated Online Craps Sites Of 2024 For Philippines Gamblers

Site NameBonus OfferAgeAccepts Filipinos?Visit Site
Betonline Sportsbook And Casino100% Max $3,00018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
1Xbit Casino & Sportsbook LogoUp To 7 BTC18+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
MyBookie logo150% Max $75021+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
Super Slots250% Max $600018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
SportsBetting Sportsbook And Casino100% Max $1,00018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
Xbet Casino100% Max $30021+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review

What Is Craps?

Craps is one of two classic casino dice games. The other, sic bo, was invented in ancient China and is perhaps the oldest casino game going. However, craps is pretty old itself. Invented in the late 1700s, craps is most familiarly played as casino craps or street craps. The latter game is informal, while the former is the version enjoyed by Filipino gamblers at the best online casinos.

When played at brick-and-mortar casinos, craps fully involves the player in the action, as they’re the one who “shoots the dice.” However, the online game has removed that aspect and replaced it with random software-driven outcomes.

Craps features a number of different bet types, each of which is based on the result of the dice roll. These outcomes are fully randomized with best-in-class RNG – or random number generation – software, and the top PH casinos online contract with the industry’s most trusted casino software developers. The games are also regularly audited for fair iGaming compliance, so you’ll always get a fair shake of the dice.

Online craps

Basic Craps Rules At Legal Philippine Casinos

The craps rules are extremely simple, whether you’re playing online or at a brick-and-mortar casino. Essentially, there’s nothing to it. Just place your bets, and the roll of the dice determines the winners.

To give yourself a bit of an edge, it’ll help to consult our how-to-play craps guide and basic craps strategy guides, which you can always keep easily on hand when playing online. These are the standard craps bet types with which you’ll want to be most familiar:

  • Pass Line Bets
  • Don’t Pass Line Bets
  • Come Bets
  • Don’t Come Bets
  • Field Bets
  • Free Odds Bets
  • Place Bets
  • Buy Bets
  • Big Six, Big Eight Bets
  • Hardways Bets
  • 2 Or 12 Bets
  • 3 Or 11 Bets
  • Any 7 Bets
  • Any Craps Bets

Other Philippine Online Casino Games Like Craps

Craps, in its online form, is a pure game of chance. The player has no bearing on the game’s outcome itself, short of placing their craps bets. This makes it similar to several other popular online casino games, including online slots, American and European roulette, online keno, jueteng, online lotteries and scratch-offs, online sic bo, and online baccarat.

However, the structure of craps itself – as well as the types of bets you can place – make it totally unique, and it has a large audience because of these many elements you can’t find with any other legal Philippines gambling game.

What Kinds Of Online Craps Games Are Available At Legal Philippine Casino Sites?

While the basic rules of craps are universal, part of the fun of electronic online casino games is that they’re each different and have varied custom rules and other features that standard casino games don’t offer.

For craps specifically, there are numerous alternative versions to choose from at each site listed here, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Bank Craps
  • Crapless Craps
  • Las Vegas Craps
  • Classic Craps
  • High Point Craps
  • Simplified Craps
  • Die Rich Craps
  • New York Craps
  • Open Craps
  • Diceless Craps
  • + More

Online Live Casino Craps Games

Live-dealer casino games are a big draw at the best Philippines casinos online, but they’re limited to a relatively few markets where the dealer’s actions truly matter and affect how the player gambles.

Thus, you can’t actually find live craps online, as the dealer is effectively irrelevant. Yes, everyone loves the craps stickman, but he doesn’t do much in the grand scheme, and he has no impact on the outcome of the game.

As a result, although you can find live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat at the best Philippines online betting outlets, craps isn’t part of this live casino market.

Free Online Craps Games

Everyone wants to play free casino games, and craps players are no different! Free online craps is a great way to pass the time for seasoned players, and it’s the absolute best way to learn how to play craps for beginners.

That’s why all the sites we recommend have online free craps – no downloads required – as part of their gaming menus. In fact, most of the casino games offered have free-to-play versions, and players simply toggle back and forth from the free and paid variants at their convenience.

To practice craps at any reputable casino site, just log in, launch the game of your choice, choose the “free craps” or “craps demo” option, and shoot for the stars!

Where Can I Find Legal Online Craps In The Philippines In 2024?

Philippines Flag Waving as if in the windIn the Philippines, legal iGaming is now offered by a select group of Manila integrated resort casinos, but membership is limited to VIP players who have already established themselves at the retail venues in question. Thus, these aren’t a good option for the vast majority of Filipinos.

Instead, the sites we recommend here offer Filipino gamblers – new and old alike – the opportunity to play real-money online craps safely, securely, and in a fair, pleasurable environment. Most sites are available to players at just 18 and up, and each features a host of other gambling markets, as well.

How To Play Craps Online in the Philippines

There’s no big mystery when it comes to playing craps online. As long as you understand the craps rules, you’ll know exactly how each game works. Of course, because legal online PH casinos offer multiple variants of craps – some of which are nonstandard game types – the rules are always clearly presented with each different game.

Once you’re ready, online craps is as simple as placing a bet and clicking or tapping the “Roll” or “Shoot” button to kick off the simulation.

That said, to play casino craps online, you must first join a legitimate online gambling site and make a deposit. While deposit methods are outlined further down this page, the process for signing up with any legal online casino is listed directly below:

  1. Follow any link on this page and click or tap the “Join Now” or “Sign Up” button at your Philippines online casino of choice.
  2. Enter in all personal information as required, taking care to use real, verifiable data. You private/financial info is never sold or shared.
  3. Choose a deposit method and an optional online casino bonus (or enter an online casino promo code).
  4. Submit your deposit.
  5. Shoot virtual craps to your heart’s content!

Legal PH Mobile Casinos for Playing Craps on Smartphones and Tablets

One of the best parts about legally playing at the virtual craps table is that you don’t actually have to play at a craps table! Instead, you can shoot craps from anywhere, anytime. As long as you have an up-to-date mobile device with a modern web browser and an Internet connection, you can enjoy real craps online safely and legally.

The best sites listed here don’t require any craps software downloads or updates, either. You can access everything through mobile Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and other popular web browsers.

These sites use responsive design technology to guarantee a pixel-perfect digital craps table regardless of screen size, and everything is optimized for intuitive touchscreen controls.

The online craps games at the best legal Philippines mobile casinos are all fully animated and feature Hi-Fi audio elements, too, which just adds to the overall immersion of the experience. Just be careful not to throw your phone!

Online Craps Banking Options

You can’t play online craps in the Philippines if you don’t fund your gambling account with real money. All the best sites accept fiat currency (i.e. Philippine Pesos, USD, CAD, GBP, etc.), but we actually recommend that most players use cryptocurrency to bet craps online.

Crypto is the only casino banking method that allows players to make rapid, guaranteed deposits, take advantage of increased casino match bonuses, and claim same-day payouts on all their craps winnings and other online gambling jackpots.

There are also no added fees when making cryptocurrency transfers to or from any legitimate online gambling venue.

Online Craps Deposits

All the following deposit types are available, depending on the legal Philippines casino site you select. Each site has a different assortment of these gambling deposit options, of course, so you’ll want to choose the right operator for your preferred online bet funding method.

As stated, we prefer crypto deposits for a number of reasons, particularly because of their enhanced bonuses and fee-free transfers. All other methods come with added fees and – with the exception of card-based options – also have extended multiday processing times.

  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Gift Cards
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Money Orders
  • Retail Money Transfers
  • e-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller)

Online Craps Payouts

Generally, there are fewer payout methods than there are deposit methods at the best Filipino online casinos. But don’t say “Oh, crap!” just yet, because the available options are more than adequate for players of all skill levels and financial statuses.

As with deposits, we prefer crypto craps payouts, as crypto casino withdrawals have no added fees and can be delivered the same day you request them – usually within just two hours or less! All other withdrawal methods carry variable processing fees and transfer times of 3-7 days on average.

Nevertheless, regardless of which method you choose, you’ll never crap out, because every single one is 100% guaranteed!

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Chainlink
  • Dogecoin
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Tether
  • USD Coin
  • Courier Checks
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • e-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller)

Online Craps Casino Bonuses For June 2024

Gold seal of approvalMost legitimate online casinos for Philippines players offer welcome bonuses and account reload bonuses for members. New player bonuses are often the biggest and best of these, but reload bonuses – despite adding fewer free plays and freerolls to your bankroll – are certainly substantial.

You can also often find special event promos, weekly game-specific casino promos, and so on. Best of all, most bonuses no longer require online casino promo codes, making it easy to select the perks you want anytime you top up your account.

In general, you can expect a selection of the following:

  • Philippines Casino Sign-Up Bonuses
  • Philippines Casino Reload Bonuses
  • Philippines Casino Daily Bonuses
  • Philippines Casino Weekly Bonuses
  • Philippines Casino Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

It’s important to note that all online casino promos come with rollover requirements (aka playthrough requirements), which mandate that players must bet a certain multiple of their deposit + bonus amount before they are eligible to withdraw. Some venues put time limits (usually 30 days) on their bonuses, while others have no limits.

Because the rollover thresholds at the gambling sites we recommend are fair and easy to meet, we think most players should accept them whenever offered.

Also, please remember to check your site’s bonus contribution chart to ensure that the games you’re playing contribute to your rollover requirements.

Pro-Tip: Free casino craps bonuses are not to be confused with Bonus Craps, which is a variant of real-money craps that offers extra, non-standard wager types in addition to the usual bets. Typically, these bets are called “All Small,” “All Tall,” and “Make ‘Em All,” though naming conventions and rules vary game to game and site to site.  

Philippines Legal Online Craps FAQs

Do legal online Philippine casinos have free online craps?

Yes!  Almost all of the sites we recommend offer free craps to every member.

Most games have a toggle to choose between “Practice” and “Real Money” play, and when you just want to enjoy a few rounds of craps without risking real cash, you simply flip the switch!

To play any free craps game, no downloads are required.

Do Philippine online casinos have craps practice tables?


Most new players won’t be familiar with the standard casino craps table (aka craps layout), which is why it’s essential to get in as many free games as you can.

This is the best way to learn, and there are plenty of Craps 101 primers online (along with craps strategy guides and craps tutorials) you can also take advantage of – even while you’re actively playing!

Can I play live craps online at legal Philippines casino sites?


Live online craps is not offered by the sites we recommend, as the nature of the brick-and-mortar game relies on players themselves to shoot the dice.

While RNG craps overcome this with a randomized algorithm to guarantee fair rolls, there would be no way for online players to be certain they’re getting a fair shake should a casino-employed dealer shoot craps on their behalf.

The live casino games offered by the Philippines online gambling venues listed here focus on live-dealer blackjack, American and European live-dealer roulette, live-dealer baccarat, and live-dealer mini-bac (aka Super 6 or Punto 2000).

It should also be noted that at most PH casino sites, live-dealer casino games do not contribute to bonus rollover requirements, nor are free live-dealer casino games offered.

Does online craps or online roulette pay out more?

Craps and roulette – when played at legal online casinos – have similar payout structures depending on the wagers you place.

All payout rates are clearly posted for each game and each game variant, so there’s never any confusion on how much you stand to win, regardless of whether the online roulette wheel or online craps table is your casino station of choice.

Does online craps or online blackjack pay out more?

Whether you’re playing online blackjack or craps at the sites we recommend, payouts are largely determined by the wagers you place. And as ever, the more you risk on any given deal or roll, the more you stand to win.

We enjoy both games and have earned nice paydays playing all the different variants thereof. In general, though, you should play the games you like most, not the games that “payout the best.”

Remember, online gambling is all about entertainment. Whenever you win – and you will win! – that’s just icing on the cake.

Can I play street craps at legal PH casinos online?

If you’re an avid local Filipino gambler, you probably know how to play street craps. However, the online craps at the sites we recommend are all casino craps variants.

Street craps, remember, features no house and has players betting against one another on every roll. Casino craps, on the other hand, is far more structured and provides for a consistent, predictable experience across the board.

If you’re an experienced street craps enthusiast, of course, you’ll already understand the basics and can use that knowledge to your advantage to get an edge when playing real-money online craps.

Where can I get craps practice online?

If you’re new to craps – or just new to online gambling – you can practice craps at most of the sites we recommend.

The vast majority of respectable casino operators allow Filipino players to practice the games on offer via “demo modes” or aptly named “practice modes.”

Obviously, you can’t win real money when playing online craps for free, but you can definitely learn all the different rules before risking real cash, which is worth its weight in gold.

It also bears pointing out that unlike the iPhone craps apps and Android craps apps you download in the App Store or Google Play store, free craps at the sites we recommend have no time limits and no “virtual chips” or “spins” to buy via in-app purchases or microtransactions.

And, of course, when you’re ready to play for real, you can actually bet and win real money!

What is the best casino with craps near me?

Depending on where you live in the Philippines, the best craps casino near you could be in any of several regions.

Naturally, Entertainment City casinos and IRs in Manila are the primary destinations for domestic and international gamblers, but these are less accessible to rank and file Philippine citizens.

Many of these venues even offer online iGaming (replete with online craps for real money), though such fare is off-limits to anyone who’s not a “VIP” member at the establishments in question.

Fortunately, the online Philippines casinos recommended here take all Filipino players at just 18 and up, and they’re all safe and legal to use for real-money craps games and all other casino classics including slots, table games, and even sports betting and online poker in many cases.

What does “crapped out” mean?

In the game of craps, the meaning of “crapped out” – that is, what it means when a player “craps out” – has to do with losing a come-out roll.

If the come-out roll comes up with a 2, 3, or 12, the bet loses, and the bettor craps out.

In other betting markets, the term means that a gambler has lost all his money and is effectively done for the session (regardless of the gambling game in question).

What is bank craps?

The bank crap meaning is straightforward: “Bank craps” is simply another way to say “casino craps.”

Remember, casino craps is the game type offered at online PH betting sites and pits the shooter and/or bettors against the house, while street craps is an informal game – often played in the street – that pits players against each other.