Live Dealer Roulette Games – A Look Into Playing Live Roulette Online

Philippines Accepted

Online casinos are expanding their offerings by including live dealer features. Live dealer games allow the casino to provide an elevated gaming experience through using a live croupier to bring an authentic casino gambling atmosphere. In live dealer roulette, wheels are spun in real-time and all wagers are handled on screen. Live dealer roulette permits Philippine players to enjoy the convenience of staying home while not losing any of the features a traditional roulette table and dealer may offer. As live dealer games grow in popularity more and more online casinos are adapting their internet offers to provide live dealer gambling. When accessing a live dealer roulette portal, online casinos give players the option to pick their preferred dealer who is usually a beautiful woman trained in the art of casino-style roulette.

Top Online Live Dealer Roulette Sites For Filipinos
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Leading Online Live Dealer Roulette Casino Options For Philippine Players

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Betonline Sportsbook And Casino100% Max $3,00018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
1Xbit Casino & Sportsbook LogoUp To 7 BTC18+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
MyBookie logo150% Max $75021+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
Super Slots250% Max $600018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
SportsBetting Sportsbook And Casino100% Max $1,00018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
Xbet Casino100% Max $30021+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review

Why Is Online Live Dealer Roulette Popular In The Philippines?

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Aside from the fact online live dealer games can provide legal avenues for Filipinos to enjoy casino gambling otherwise too pricey to engage in at local brick and mortar casinos, the ability to accept multiple forms of payment and currency are also attractive to individuals in this region. Live dealer roulette games are rising in popularity for these reasons listed below:

No Learning Curve – Live roulette is a rather simple game to learn with little strategic knowledge required making it a popular game for all types of gamblers from casual players to high rollers.

The Convenience of a Casino at Home – Using an online casino allows players to enjoy gambling opportunities right from their home computer or any place that offers internet access via a desktop or laptop. Mobile live dealer roulette is in development but will soon be available to online casino gamblers for added convenience.

Generous Bonuses – Nearly all leading online casinos provide bonuses for their casino portal, however, fewer offer live dealer rewards. Nevertheless, select brands do provide live dealer bonuses which offer risk-free bets, leaderboard rewards, and weekend bonus giveaway.

Is Live Dealer Roulette Legal To Play In the Philippines?

It is perfectly legal for Philippine players to engage in live dealer games including live roulette from licensed and regulated offshore online casino sites. According to Philippine gambling laws, residents may not participate on any Philippine-based online gambling platforms nor any unlicensed overseas sites. This brings about the importance of ensuring the casino you play on is legitimately licensed and regulated, thankfully, all of our recommended portals obtain a legal license to operate and are regularly overseen and tested for quality and good business practices.

How To Play Live Roulette

First Filipinos must build their online profile and account. Once players set up their account they can follow the live casino tab to reach the online casino’s live dealer game portal. Once in the game portal players may choose to play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat, live dealer super six, or roulette.

To play live roulette, select the roulette game within the live dealer game page and then proceed by selecting your preferred dealer. In live roulette there are usually always at least two available dealers, however, they rotate meaning they may change regularly. Both dealers have unlimited seats available at their tables which range in bet limits from $1-$100, $5-$500, and $25-$5,000.

Players have the option to place their wager on which pocket the ball will land, bettors may wager on inside or outside bets, inside bets include all of the numbered pockets 1-36 and zero(s). Players can either put a straight bet on a number or split, trio, street, corner, or six line their inside bets. Outside bets allow bettors to group by betting on 1st column numbers, 2nd column numbers, 3rd column numbers, dozens, odd or even numbers, red or black pockets, or groupings of lo numbers or groupings of hi numbers.

Some online live dealer roulette games provide a hot and cold chart display to show recent trends and patterns throughout the game. This can be used to help players strategize their next move due to the frequency of landed pockets.

Live Dealer Roulette Rules

There are variations of roulette that can utilize different rules. Which set of rules are used depends on which of the below-mentioned factors are being used for said game.

Wheels – Depending on the use of which wheel, the American wheel will contain 2 sets of zeros, a single zero and a double zero while the European wheel will only contain a single zero. On live dealer roulette games, these are identified as American roulette or European roulette styles.

Rules – French rules split wagers in half and return them to the player or allow bets to freeze for one more spin if the ball lands on zero the first time. American rules force all bets to be lost if the roulette ball lands on zero. Both cases require no bettor to have wagered on the ball landing on zero.

However, every live dealer casino may impose their own rules. Therefore, reading the live roulette game’s rules which are given to the player during the game, prevent future misunderstandings between the player and dealer. Please note, if you have any questions on the rules which are not answered through their “rule icon” during the game, to ask the dealer through the live chat feature provided.

Tables – During live games, the style of the table used is less important due to live dealer roulette generating their own custom tables for online players. Traditionally though, French tables are longer and allow bettors to crowd two ends of the table while two croupiers handle bets. American tables sit bettors on one side of the table and often utilize a wheel racetrack to take called bets while the ball spins.

Live Dealer Roulette FAQs

How Do Live Roulette Dealer Games Work?

First, a roulette dealer must be trained to handle virtual players and how to correctly deal the game during a live dealer session. Roulette dealers or croupiers are live streamed during each game from a casino studio where online players can see their actions in real-time. However, there is no barrier between dealer and player other than distance as live dealer roulette games are often equipped with live chat features to facilitate conversations and allow the croupier to answer inquiries.

Should I Tip When Playing Roulette Online?

While tipping is customary in traditional roulette games, tipping during a live roulette game is completely optional. Most online casinos create live roulette games which include tipping features. When tipping be sure to choose the correct number of chips you would like to give the croupier and place them on the tipping icon on the virtual felt table on your live dealer screen.

Which Roulette Games Provide A Better Edge?

American roulette has a house advantage of 5.3% while European roulette gives a house advantage of 2.7%. Now depending on which pocket the player bets on, odds to win change. Straight bets on an exact number provide 35:1 odds, colored pocket bets either red or black are 1:1 odds, even or odd number bets give 1:1 odds, and columns or dozens provide 2:1 odds.

What Live Roulette Bonuses Can I Get for Playing Online?

Most online casinos want to incentivize players to participate on their live dealer portal and will offer rewards specifically designed for live dealer games. While not many online casinos provide specific live dealer game rewards such as live roulette bonuses most provide overall live dealer casino bonuses. Of the online casinos we feature, some offer first-time live game players a $25 risk-free bet, daily progressive jackpots, and monthly leaderboard rewards.