PacMan For President? 2022 Philippine Election Odds Get Interesting

In the Philippines, there are a host of things to bet on.

The domestic market is growing apace despite coronavirus lockdowns, new integrated resorts in Boracay have been approved, PIGOs are on their way to mainstream acceptance and access, and even MegaSportsWorld is expanding their operations.

Plus, if none of those avenues works for you, there are always legal online Philippine casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and racebooks to enjoy.

But for all the different kinds of gambling in the islands, betting on politics is perhaps the most pressing here and now.

While we’re still a ways off from the 2022 Philippine Presidential election on Monday, May 9, 2022, the intrigue is definitely ramping up.

While the best online sportsbooks for Filipino punters have yet to put up any Presidential election odds for the next year (which they’ll presumably do once the field is officially declared in late October), you can see how current public opinion stands on potential candidates for the nation’s highest office (via PredictIt):

  • Manny Pacquiao – 44 cents
  • Sara Duterte-Carpio – 22 cents
  • Bong Go – 13 cents
  • Bongbong Marcos – 13 cents
  • Leni Robredo – 6 cents
  • Antonio Trillanes – 2 cents
  • Panfilo Lacson – 2 cents
  • Alan Peter Cayetano – 2 cents
  • Sonny Angara – 1 cent

Now, PredictIt is not a traditional sports betting site, and the “payouts” are minimal compared to what you’d get with a real-money online sportsbook. We explained how PredictIt works here.

In the above-linked article, you’ll see that the “odds” at PredictIt were quite different just one month ago.

Back then, here’s how the market stood:

  • Sara Duterte-Carpio – 36 cents
  • Manny Pacquiao – 31 cents
  • Antonio Trillanes – 7 cents
  • Alan Peter Cayetano – 7 cents
  • Leni Robredo – 6 cents
  • Panfilo Lacson – 3 cents
  • Sonny Angara – 2 cents

Most notably, you can see that Sara Duterte-Carpio – President Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter and current mayor of Davao City – was the overwhelming favorite, even against the country’s native son.

But now, PacMan has catapulted into the lead as Duterte-Carpio has stumbled.

However, that “stumble” makes sense, because Pacquiao has actually declared his candidacy and accepted the nomination of the PDP-Laban party.

(Note: PDP-Laban has been the island nation’s ruling party since the election of Duterte as President in 2016.)

Going the other way, Duterte-Carpio has declared that she will not seek the Philippine presidency, based on the fact that her father is running for Vice President now that he’s term-limited as President.

Thus, to many onlookers and bettors, a Pacquiao-Duterte administration is almost as attractive as a Pacquiao-Mayweather boxing match.

So, if Duterte-Carpio has withdrawn her candidacy, why is she trending in second place at PredictIt?

Because despite Pacquiao’s popularity as an athlete and politician, Duterte-Carpio continues to poll the strongest among all possible Presidential candidates.

Additionally, nothing is yet set in stone.

Back in 2016, Duterte himself “withdrew” from Presidential consideration only to jump back in at the last second.

That could happen again, and a Duterte-Duterte ticket might be even more compelling than one featuring the eight-division world champion pugilist.

Indeed, of the above list at PredictIt, only PacMan and Panfilo Lacson have so far formally declared for the 2022 race.

Meanwhile, Bongbong Marcos and Antonio Trillanes have publicly stated their interest in running for President, while Leni Robredo, Alan Peter Cayetano, and Sonny Angara have “hinted at” their possible candidacies.

The following popular Philippines politicians and personalities have officially declined to run for President:

  • Ramon S. Ang
  • Nancy Binay
  • Antonio Carpio
  • Franklin Drilon
  • Sara Duterte-Carpio
  • Francis Escudero
  • Bong Go
  • Imee Marcos
  • Vilma Santos
  • Eddie Villanueva
  • Cynthia Villar
  • Manuel Villar

Still, as stated, nothing is guaranteed as yet, and any of these potential candidates – and perhaps others – could decide to run after all.

Only time will tell.

So between now and then, be sure to follow all the daily Philippines political news and keep on top of the situation, because at the best online PH betting sites, there’s always pesos to be procured.