Cagayan Valley Casinos 2024

Cagayan casinosLocated in northern Luzon, the Cagayan Valley – designated as Philippine Administration Region 4 – is home to five Philippine provinces: Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, and Quirino. And that, of course, means it’s also home to a number of casino and gambling destinations. While not as robust a gaming market as Metro Manila, Cagayan Valley casinos have a charm and attraction all their own.

That said, not all locals are eligible to gamble at these domestic Cagayan Valley venues. There are still a number of restrictions in play for Filipinos when it comes to Philippine regional gambling options. In our guide to casino gambling in the Cagayan Valley, we’ll go over those restrictions and discuss your best options – both national and international – for enjoying legal casino action.

Is Casino Gambling Legal In The Cagayan Valley?

Yes! Casino gambling on Luzon island is a big part of the local economy in the Cagayan Valley. There are several casinos throughout the valley, as well as Small Town Lottery venues (STLs), sabong cockpits, MSW sports betting outlets, and more.

In fact, the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport is a special jurisdiction designed to be a self-sustaining commercial and tourist hub. As such, in addition to PAGCOR regulation of the local gambling market, the CEZA – or Cagayan Economic Zone Authority – also has a prominent hand in watching over the industry and regulating its activities.

Going forward, the CEZA has multiple plans to build up the area through the construction of Entertainment City-style casino IRs, golf courses, theme parks, and more.

Nevertheless, when it comes to domestic casino action at brick-and-mortar Cagayan Valley gambling houses, the minimum age to play is 21+, and gamblers must be able to demonstrate a certain minimum income to qualify. This leaves a lot of adult Filipino gamblers out to dry.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal In The Cagayan Valley?

Yes! There are two ways to gamble online legally if you’re living in or traveling through the Cagayan Valley. The first option is to join a PAGCOR-regulated domestic online casino.

These iGaming sites offer all the games you expect, but there are caveats. In order to play with a domestic Philippine iGaming vendor, you must be at least 21 years old, show a certain minimum income, and abide by weekly and/or monthly betting limits. It also helps to be an established “VIP” player at an existing brick-and-mortar casino venue.

The second option – and the far better option for the majority of players – is to join an offshore Philippine casino site. All the websites we recommend here are legit online casinos that legally accept Filipino gamblers.

Even better, most of these sites only require their members to be 18 and up, and there are no arbitrary limits or income qualifications to participate. There are also no Philippine gambling laws that bar access to these sites.

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Cagayan Casino Destinations – List Of Casinos In Cagayan Valley

The Cagayan Valley itself, located between the Cordilleras mountain range and Sierra Madres mountains, is one of the most scenic “inland” island locales. Due to this natural beauty, the Cagayan Valley is also one of the biggest Philippine tourist destinations.

That means there are plenty of universally enjoyed activities available, too. And as you might expect, casino gambling is one of them.

Today, online gambling in the Philippines is legal at the domestic level for select players, but most Cagayan Valley residents aren’t yet able to use local online casino services. For them – as for gamblers in most of the country – the best option is to sign up with a trusted legal online casino operating outside Philippine borders.

Nevertheless, if you’re visiting the area or are a local who qualifies for domestic online or in-person casino play, Cagayan Valley casinos are not to be missed!

Cagayan Valley Casinos By Province

Below, all the major venues for local casino gambling in the Cagayan Valley are listed by province. Please note that these lists are current as of 2024, though they may not include every smaller, niche gaming retailer.

So, even if you don’t see many “casinos” listed for your area, you may still be able to find nearby gambling opportunities in the way of Philippine card rooms, PAGCOR “Casino Filipino” locations, and Philippine E-Game venues.

Batanes Casinos

As of 2024, there are no notable casinos in Batanes, Philippines. For now, domestic and offshore online casinos are the only legal options for Batanes residents who are 18 years of age or older.

  • Batanes casino list TBA

Cagayan Casinos

Most of the notable Cagayan Valley casino destinations are located in Cagayan itself. The two largest casinos in Cagayan are the Eastern Hawaiian Casino and the Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort. Both of these resort casino destinations are in Santa Ana. And while they’re not quite on the level of Entertainment City IRs, they’re well worth checking out.

  • 747 Live Casino – Claveria
  • Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort – Santa Ana
  • Eastern Hawaiian Casino – Santa Ana
  • e-Games Tuguegarao – Tuguegarao

Isabela Casinos

There are a few casinos in Isabela, Philippines. While the list is short, it’s likely larger when you mix in the smaller local operators and other forms of gambling. Nevertheless, Isabela is the second most gambling-friendly province in the Cagayan Valley in terms of actual destinations.

  • Cagayan Valley Casino Isabela – Cauayan City
  • PAGCOR E-Games – Cauayan City
  • Sahara Games and Amusement Philippines – Cauayan City

Nueva Vizcaya Casinos

Nueva Vizcaya is an interesting place. While there are a few E-Games outlets in the province (along with access to online domestic and offshore gambling), the real draw here wouldn’t even be casinos in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines, in the first place!

For travelers, the province’s many upper-class hotel destinations are the main attraction. Places like the Heartland Hotel, the Rocky Mountain Hide Resort, the Highlander Hotel and Resort, the La Princesa, the Balai Gloria, and other destinations are enough to make you forget about gambling for a while.

  • Nueva Vizcaya casino list TBA

Quirino Casinos

Like Batanes, there are no notable casinos in Quirino, Philippines. However, domestically licensed online casinos are open to qualified players, and offshore online casinos are available to everyone aged 18 and up.

  • Quirino casino list TBA

Domestic Online Casinos In Cagayan Valley

Because brick-and-mortar casinos in the Cagayan Valley are spread out and not accessible to everyone, the better option for most casual gamblers is to play online.

Back in 2021, the Philippine government finally approved domestic online casino gambling (aka iGaming). This means that amusements like real-money online slots, online roulette, online blackjack, and other classic casino games are now accessible over the Internet.

However, this access isn’t universal. In order to play online, local residents must meet a certain number of criteria. Basically, domestic online gamblers must be 21 or older, must show proof of “adequate” monthly/annual income, and must be classified as existing VIP casino gamblers. (The same goes for domestic sports betting at in-person and online MSW venues.)

Naturally, the majority of Cagayan Valley residents won’t be able to meet such strict requirements. And despite there being recent talk of loosening these requirements to expand online gambling to more Filipinos, there’s no telling how long that will take.

Fortunately, there’s a solution!

Offshore Online Casinos In Cagayan Valley

Let’s say you live in the Cagayan Valley but aren’t yet 21 years old. Or maybe you’re 21+ but you’re not conveniently located near one of the major casino venues in the region.

Or maybe you’re just not financially “qualified” to access these venues or their online counterparts. Maybe you are qualified to play domestic online Philippine casino games, but you want more betting markets and more variety.

No matter which one of these describes you, the solution is the same: Simply join any of the legitimate Philippine online casinos we recommend on this page. These venues are all located outside Philippine borders, and Philippine casino laws do not bar access to real-money gambling hosted by such sites.

As long as the operator you choose is highly rated among Filipino gamblers and has a long-established reputation in the market, you’re good to go.

All our recommended PH online casinos fit the bill, and you’ll get access to all the following games:

Other Types Of Gambling In The Cagayan Valley

  • Sabong – Also called cockfighting, sabong is most popular betting “sport” in the Philippines. There are PAGCOR-regulated cockpits throughout the Cagayan Valley, and you can bet in person every night of the week, all year long. Unfortunately, eSabong (aka online cockfighting) has been banned following a brief legalization period in 2021.
  • Sports BettingSports betting in the Philippines is managed by the MegaSportsWorld (MSW) sportsbook brand, which is in turn regulated by PAGCOR. MSW sports betting odds are available for all the most popular local and international sports.
  • PCSO Lottery – The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office lottery – aka the Philippine Lottery – is available nationwide. The PSCO also maintains a number of STL (Small Town Lottery) shops throughout the Cagayan Valley. These legal lotto services are meant to reduce demand for the illegal jueteng gambling
  • Horse Racing BettingHorse racing betting has been legal in the Philippines for over a century. However, there are no major horse tracks in the Cagayan Valley. To play the ponies in person, you’ll have to travel south to Metro Manila.

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