The Cagayan Valley Casino Guide

This page was created to take a look at legal online gambling in the Cagayan Valley, as well as other forms of gambling entertainment that may be available. The Cagayan Valley is in the north-eastern portion of the big Luzon island and encompasses the area that surrounds the Cagayan river between the mountain ranges of the Cordilleras and Sierra Madre mountains. The Cagayan Valley is the second largest region in the Philippines based on land mass as it also includes Freeport and the surrounding islands north of Luzon. In 1995, the Cagayan Special Economic Zone was established by Republic Act 7922 (RA 7922) to develop the area into a self-sufficient zone. This law also created the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) to maintain law outlined in RA 7922 and oversee economic developments in the region.

The Cagayan Valley does not fall under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporations (PAGCOR) authority and was granted permission to license and regulate casinos in the Valley. Until recently they were the only government agency in the Philippines that would issue a license to operate an online casino. Today the Cagayan Valley is a promising under-developed economic region that has potential to be one of the most prosperous gambling regions of the Philippines. Though there are many legal types of gambling entertainment allowed, legal online gambling in the Cagayan Valley is permitted only by using legally licensed offshore casinos. Below we will discuss in detail the legal gambling options and other various forms of entertainment available to Filipinos living in the Cagayan Valley.

What Legal Betting Options Are in The Cagayan Valley

In the Cagayan Valley, there are legal online gambling options such as Philippine legal online casinos, Philippine legal online poker, Philippine legal online sports betting and legal online racebooks. The only Philippine gambling law relevant to online gambling states that domestically licensed gambling sites are not permitted to offer their betting services to Filipino residents. These destinations are free to provide their offerings to players located outside of the Philippines but will face license removal and stiff fines if caught allowing Filipino players access to their gambling sites.

Brick-and-mortar casinos are legally permitted in the Cagayan Valley but there are only 2 in Santa Ana in operation at this time. Domestic sports betting is also available and MegaSportsWorld currently has 1 location in the Valley. There are currently no race tracks in the Valley, but residents can still bet on domestic or foreign horse races with offshore online sportsbooks or by calling into a domestic race track. Cockfights are legal to bet on in the Philippines and there are several cockpits in the Cagayan Valley. Filipinos are not allowed to wager on cockfights online so if you want to bet on this sport you will have to physically go to the cockpit.

Online Betting In The Cagayan Valley

Online betting is one of the primary entertainment options for residents living in the Cagayan Valley that have Internet. Since there are only 2 small domestic casinos located in Santa Ana, about 2 hours from the largest town in the Valley, most residents turn to online gambling options or Philippine friendly mobile casinos. Residents of the Cagayan Valley can gamble online with legal regulated offshore casinos and sportsbooks such as the destinations recommended in this guide. This tends to be the best option for most residents looking to place wagers on Philippine sporting events.

Domestic bookmaker MegaSportsWorld and domestic online sportsbooks are not allowed to accept bets on Philippine events. Online casinos are a popular solution for residents of the Cagayan Valley because they are convenient, mobile and offer bonuses and promotions that domestic casinos can’t compete with. There are also more games and multiple variations of online poker. Most online casinos do not accept (PHP) Philippine peso but they do offer currency conversion services and accept online deposit methods that provide currency conversions.

The Cagayan Special Economic Zone And Freeport

The Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport is a zoned jurisdiction that encompasses the entire Cagayan Valley, Freeport, and the surrounding islands. The special economic zone was enacted by Republic Act 7922 so that the Cagayan Valley can have their own set of rules to govern the area and to produce revenue to become self-reliant. They have their own gambling licensors and regulators and intend to use Philippine legal gambling options to produce tourism and revenue across the economic zone. They also have big development plans for the future, our guide to the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport will discuss in detail all of the future plans for the Cagayan Valley.

Domestic Betting Options In The Cagayan Valley

As of now, there are only 2 brick-and-mortar casinos in the Cagayan Valley and many other domestic betting options. The Eastern Hawaii Casino, and the Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort (Sun City) both have small casinos. It wasn't until 2010 that they finally opened their doors to Filipino's. Both casinos are located in Santa Ana and are about 2 hours from the nearest airport and until recently they would only allow foreigners inside the casinos. MegaSportsWorld offers sports betting via telephone or walk-in bets. They currently have one location in the Cagayan Valley in Roxas. At MegaSportsWorld locations residents can bet on international sporting events with a registered account.

MSW locations are convenient and usually have a cashier on hand to help with customer deposits and withdrawals among other concerns. There are no horse racing tracks in the Cagayan Valley, but residents can call in bets to any of the tracks located within the Philippines. Philippine legal horse betting has been legal since 1904 and race tracks can also take bets over the phone throughout the entire Philippines. Cockfighting or Sabong has also been legal for a long time, and there are cockpits spread throughout the Cagayan Valley. Cockfighting can be wagered on legally at the cockpits by placing a bet with a registered bookie.

Cagayan Economic Zone Authority & The First Cagayan Resort And Leisure Company

Republic Act 7922 created the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) to oversee the special economic zone. CEZA is a government agency and they are under direct orders from the Office of the President. CEZA established the First Cagayan Resort and Leisure Company (FCRLC) to be their primary licensor for games of chance and casinos. FCRLC is also responsible for making sure operators follow the regulations set forth by CEZA and to report back their findings.

The Cagayan Special Economic Zone is known for their online gambling licenses and a few years ago, they had as many as 150 online gambling licenses that they were regulating. The online gaming licenses are only issued to companies based in the Cagayan Valley. Those license holders are not allowed to offer their online gaming and betting services to Philippine residents due to restrictions in force by Philippine gambling laws but they can offer those services to players located outside of the Island Nation. Until recently the FCRLC was the only online licensor in the Philippines until PAGCOR started issuing online licenses as well.

Future Developments Of The Cagayan Valley

The Cagayan Valley wants to be a tourist destination and a center for commerce and world trade. RA 7922 laid the groundwork now CEZA must pour the foundation. It’s a long effort and they are making strides. Officials have stated that they want to build casinos, resorts, golf courses and theme parks alongside with the development of their beautiful beaches. They are currently looking for investors while they put the finishing touches on the new airport and shipyard. Domestic investors will be given first-priority, but foreign investors are welcome as well. In time we will see the Cagayan Valley start to take on a new look, the possibilities are intriguing as the regions natural resources are abundant.

Cagayan Valley Casino Locations:

  • Eastern Hawaii Casino 
    • +63-917 588 9916
    • Camillo Osias Naval Base, Dugo-San Vicente Road, San Vicente, Sta. Ana, 3514, Philippines