Metropolitan Manila Casino Guide

Metropolitan Manila is one of three primary metropolitan areas in the Philippines and is home to the capital of Manila City. The metropolitan area consists of 16 cities over a 244-sq mile region with a population that currently sits over 12.8 million. The expanded National Capital Region is the 5th most populated area in the world and is the Philippines primary financial, commercial and educational provider. The historic province of Manila was one of the first provinces to revolt against the Spanish near the end of the 19th century. Today the province has disbanded, and the area is now often referred to as the National Capital Region (NCR), Metropolitan Manila or Metro Manila.

Metropolitan Manila Casinos

Casinos in the metropolitan region span across several provinces and though most of the best casinos are located near the bay area of Manila City there are other casinos in different cities across the metro area. Pasay City is an area just south of Manila that has a few casinos including the Midas hotel and casino. The Midas is the biggest casino in Pasay City with over 300 gaming machines and 54 table games. In Pasay City, the most often played casino games are Blackjack, Roulette, Pia Gow, Baccarat, and Slots. Quezon City is located just a little northeast of Manila City and is littered with bet shops and internet cafe's but as of now, there are no casinos.

Solaire Resort and Casino is rumored to be breaking new ground on a Quezon City casino in 2018 but as of now, there are no casino options in Quezon City except for offshore Philippine legal online casinos and Philippines legal online poker sites. Quezon City is also the most populated city in the metropolitan region making it the perfect place for Solaire Resort and Casino. Just north of Manila City, you will find the Winford hotel and casino located in Santa Cruz. Though there are no casinos on every island in the Philippines they are spread out and on every big island with most them being in Manila City and the metro area. To learn more about gambling options across the different areas of the Philippines, check out our guide to gambling in the Philippines by region.

Online Casinos In The National Capital Region

In the National Capital Region domestic casinos are not allowed to offer their online services to residents of the Philippines. Filipino players are allowed to participate in offshore legally licensed online casinos and sportsbooks if they are regulated by trusted gambling authorities. Online and Philippine mobile friendly casinos are often played by Filipino players for their convenience and online bonus options. Online players can find all the games the casinos offer and more with countless poker options. Some of the bonuses you can expect to find online are no deposit, free spin, deposit match, loyalty and more. Bonuses are what set online casinos apart and we suggest players take full advantage of online bonus options. Our guide for Philippine online casino deposit methods can be a useful resource when looking for the most convenient online casinos that accept Filipino players. Some of the more popular online games include:

Who Regulates Casino Gambling In Metro Manila?

In Metro Manila casino gambling and all other games of chance are licensed and regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). They have been in control of the gambling industry since 1977 when Presidential Decree 1067-A, a Philippine gambling law created the government corporation. PAGCOR is under the direct supervision of the Office of the President. PAGCOR uses their annual revenue to provide essential needs for the community including, disaster relief and school buildings. In 2007, Republic Act 9487 extended PAGCOR's control of the gambling industry by another 25 years assuring that there will be gambling regulation for many years to come.

Manila City Gambling

In Manila City, there are multiple ways tourist and residents can legally gamble. There is multiple domestic casinos, a brick-and-mortar sportsbook franchise (MegaSportsWorld), Philippine legal horse race betting, online casinos, online poker rooms and online sportsbooks. Most of the entertainment options in Manila City is centered around the casinos. Several casinos host their own annual tournaments and events alongside various forms of entertainment including theater productions, musical performances, international DJ’s, celebrity appearances and more. Some of the tournaments you can expect to find are poker, baccarat and slot tournaments. Manila City is also the home of PAGCOR’s Entertainment City.

Entertainment City

Entertainment City is often referred to as E-City, PAGCOR City or Manila bay tourism city and consist of 4 mega-casinos. The mega casinos were given licenses and zoned to be an entertainment destination for the Philippines. Only casinos agreeing to put 1 billion USD, over 800 rooms and 20,000 square meters of retail space into their property were issued licenses by PAGCOR. The 4 mega-casinos that currently makeup E-City are Resorts World, Solaire, Okada Manila, and City of Dreams.

Makati City Business Landscape

Makati City is another highly urbanized city that sits just a few miles southeast of Manila City. It is known to be the financial center and houses major banks, corporations and foreign embassies along with most of the skyscrapers in the metro area. It is also the home for the Philippine Stock Exchange, which is the national stock exchange for all the Philippines. There are currently no casinos in Makati but the casinos in Manila City are just a few blocks away. There are master poker sports pubs and several e-game cafes located within the city limits. Makati City is also credited as a shopping hub for the metropolitan Manila area for its various international and local retail shopping centers.

Other Forms Of Gambling In Metro Manila

Cock Fighting

Betting on cockfighting is legal and practiced regularly in and around metropolitan Manila. The Pasay City cockpit is the best-known cockpit located just a few miles south of the bay area. Sunday is said to host the biggest cockfighting events but there are other events that frequently run throughout the week.

Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing has been legal in the Philippines for over 100 years. Betting was first introduced to the sport in 1903 and today there are several racetracks spread across the big island of Luzon. At the horse tracks there are wagering terminals or cashiers that issue and take bet slip and some of the newer tracks now have betting kiosks. Horse racing doesn’t occur every day but since the sport is immensely popular there are usually several events a month. Our guide to Philippine legal online sports betting is a great start when looking for Filipino friendly online racebooks.

Metro Manila Casinos And Poker Rooms:

Midas Hotel and Casino, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 902 0100)
City of Dreams Manila, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 800 8080)
Okada Manila, 1701 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 888 0777)
Resorts World Manila, 1309 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 908 8888)
Casino Filipino, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 522 3301)
APT Poker Room, Winford Hotel, and Casino, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 917 588 4055)
PAGCOR Casino, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 526 0337)
Metro Card Club, Bldg. C Bazaar Area Metro-walk, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 633 1422)
Masters Poker Club, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 905 295 6415)
Let's All In Poker Sports Club, Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 804 0562)
Winford Manila Resort and Casino, 1014 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 528 3600)
Solaire Resort and Casino, 1701 Metro Manila, Philippines (+63 2 888 8888)

Metro Manila Resources For Problem Gambling:

Gamblers Anonymous
Casino Filipino Hotline: (02) 521-0957