What To Bet On Now That The Philippines Has A New President

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While the official results of the 2022 Philippine Presidential election aren’t yet finalized, it’s obvious that betting favorite Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., has won in an historic landslide. With a bit over 98% of the vote in, Marcos has received over 31 million votes compared to just 14 million for main rival Leni Robredo. As … Read more

2022 Philippine Election: Sports Bettors Called It For Bongbong, Mayor Sara

bongbong marcos and mayor sara win

The 2022 Philippine Presidential election has come and gone, and while the vote tallies aren’t totally finalized, it looks for all the world that the bettors were right on the money. Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos, Jr. – to the horror of the globalist West – is headed for a truly historic victory. And as always, election … Read more

PBA Governors’ Cup Restarts As Philippine “President’s Cup” Heats Up

2021 governors cup restart

The 2021 PBA Governors’ Cup is finally back in action! After a six-week coronavirus-related layoff, the last leg of the 2021 PBA season is once again underway. Hopefully, with pandemic cases dropping significantly in severity, the current relaxation of quarantine and lockdown mandates will last long enough for the PBA to crown its 2021 Governors’ … Read more

PacMan Takes A Hit From The Bongbong As TNT KOs Magnolia In Five

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Well, that was anticlimactic. After a finals matchup that looked somewhat promising, the 2021 Philippine Cup championship turned out to be fairly lopsided. Top-seed TNT Tropang Giga – the favorite at nearly all online Philippine sportsbooks – won the series 4-1, defeating the three-seed Magnolia Hotshots convincingly. The game results were as follows: Game 1: … Read more