2022 Philippine Election: Sports Bettors Called It For Bongbong, Mayor Sara

The 2022 Philippine Presidential election has come and gone, and while the vote tallies aren’t totally finalized, it looks for all the world that the bettors were right on the money.

Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos, Jr. – to the horror of the globalist West – is headed for a truly historic victory.

And as always, election odds have once again shown that they’re the best way to gauge how likely – or unlikely – a particular candidate is to win a given election.

Before BetOnline Sportsbook finally took their odds down on Sunday night before the Monday election, here’s how the numbers were trending for each Presidential hopeful:

2022 Philippine Presidential Election Odds – Winner

  • Bongbong Marcos -10000
  • Leni Robredo +1600
  • Manny Pacquiao +5000
  • Isko Moreno +20000
  • Alan Peter Cayetano +30000
  • Antonio Trillanes +30000
  • Bong Go +30000
  • Sara Duterte-Carpio +30000

By all accounts, Marcos’ win should mirror these odds in what’s shaping up to be an overwhelming margin of victory over outgoing Vice President and Philippine Presidential hopeful Leni Robredo.

Meanwhile, despite being the first betting frontrunner back when the 2022 election cycle just got underway, beloved pugilist and former Senator Manny Pacquiao looks to have gone out with a whimper.

The one-two punch of Marcos and former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio (the latter of whom was running for Vice President and not President as implied by the above betting lines) proved too much for the Pac-Man.

Even though Marcos and Duterte-Carpio represent different political parties, the well-established alliance between those parties – and between their campaigns this cycle – effectively positioned them as two sides of the same “ticket.”

Per the latest reporting from the New York Times, here’s where the vote count currently stands, along with some brief analysis of the historic nature of this election (emphasis added in bold):

“With 90.1 percent of the election returns counted in a preliminary tally as of 1:47 a.m. Tuesday Manila time, Mr. Marcos had 28.8 million votes, more than double that of his closest rival, Leni Robredo, the current vice president. …

That put him on the path for the biggest margin of victory in a presidential race in the Philippines since the 1980s, when Corazon Aquino was elected in the wake of the ouster of Mr. Marcos’s father by the “People Power” uprising by millions of Filipinos denouncing corruption and repression.”

While Western media outlets have worked overtime to decry the impending election of Marcos, Jr., they failed. The nation clearly favors more nationalistic initiatives, and the “experiment” in Westernization kicked off by the elder Marcos’ ouster all those years ago has grown increasingly unpopular.

Politics aside, if you bet on this race – and if you went with the favorite – you’ve probably made some money.

For those lucky enough to get in on Marcos’ early odds back when he was trending as low as just -400, you might have even made a lot of money.

In either case, it’ll still probably be a few days before your winning wager is actually graded.

That’s because, in the Philippines, many more remote regions – especially those with spotty or less secure Internet connections – will physically deliver their votes to the nation’s capital in Manila.

As for the Philippine Vice Presidential election, there were never any odds on the boards for that race at the best Philippine online sports betting sites.

Mayor Sara was considered such big a favorite that the only way for the sportsbooks to post attractive odds (i.e. odds that would generate any action) meant taking on unnecessary liability. Indeed, with 90% of the vote in Duterte Carpio had over 25 million votes for Vice President – almost as many as the total Marcos votes for President!

Going forward, barring some US-style 2020-era weapons-grade election fraudium, we don’t see any of the obvious outcomes diverted from their current paths.