Pacman Fighting To Deliver Thurman’s First Professional Loss

This Saturday Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio will enter the ring for his 71st professional boxing fight. This time Pacquaio will be fighting for a welterweight belt held by Keith “One Time” Thurman ten years his junior.

This World Boxing Association (WBA) fight has already generated some hype and has been labeled as boxing’s biggest night in 2019. Both fighters are coming off lackluster decision wins earlier this year.

Both fighters have something to gain from winning this fight: Pacquaio could win another welterweight belt and solidify his legacy with his second win over 40. If Thurman wins, he will retain his belt and add a win over a boxing legend to his undisputed list.

Trash Talk

One of the most entertaining aspects of professional boxing is the trash talk leading up to the fight. Pacquaio takes a less abrasive approach and brushes off the trash talk to focus on his training and the approaching fight. Pacquiao is a seasoned boxer who has heard his fair share of criticism, but he doesn’t seem to let it phase him.

Thurman has been trash-talking since the fight was announced. He sees this fight as his comeback and his chance to beat a legend. Below you will see the face to face interview where the two fighters have personal interviews as well a face to face interview.

Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks initially had Thurman as a favorite to win but have now shifted their odds to favor Pacquaio. In the Philippines, you can bet online with offshore sportsbooks accessible with mobile casinos or at local MegaSportsWorld locations.

Offshore sportsbooks operate legally because they are licensed by reputable gaming regulators who conduct regular compliance checks. You will also find more benefits from betting online in the form of convenience, bonus funds, and favorable lines.

Boxing Odds & Prop Bets

Below are the odds currently listed at BetOnline. You will see there are many props for betting on rounds as well as others. More props and live betting lines are typically available as the event is underway.

Thurman, Keith vs Pacquiao, Manny: Goes the Distance                 

Yes:  -300
No:  +240

Thurman, Keith vs Pacquiao, Manny: Method of Victory

Thurman, Keith by Decision:  +185
Thurman, Keith by KO, TKO or DQ:  +550
Pacquiao, Manny by Decision:  +140
Pacquiao, Manny by KO, TKO or DQ:  +450

Thurman, Keith vs Pacquiao, Manny: Pacquiao, Manny – Round Betting               

Pacquiao, Manny Round 1:  +5000
Pacquiao, Manny Round 2:  +4000
Pacquiao, Manny Round 3:  +4000
Pacquiao, Manny Round 4:  +3300
Pacquiao, Manny Round 5:  +3300
Pacquiao, Manny Round 6:  +2800
Pacquiao, Manny Round 7:  +2800
Pacquiao, Manny Round 8:  +3300
Pacquiao, Manny Round 9:  +3300
Pacquiao, Manny Round 10:  +4000
Pacquiao, Manny Round 11:  +4000
Pacquiao, Manny Round 12:  +5000
Pacquiao, Manny on Points:  +145
Draw:  +1600

Thurman, Keith vs Pacquiao, Manny: Round Group Betting           

Thurman, Keith in Round 1 to 3:  +2500
Thurman, Keith in Round 4 to 6:  +1600
Thurman, Keith in Round 7 to 9:  +1600
Thurman, Keith in Round 10 to 12:  +2200
Thurman, Keith on Points:  +185
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 1 to 3:  +2200
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 4 to 6:  +1400
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 7 to 9:  +1200
Pacquiao, Manny in Round 10 to 12:  +2000
Pacquiao, Manny on Points:  +145
Draw:  +1600

Thurman, Keith vs Pacquiao, Manny: Thurman, Keith – Round Betting                  

Thurman, Keith Round 1:  +5000
Thurman, Keith Round 2:  +5000
Thurman, Keith Round 3:  +4000
Thurman, Keith Round 4:  +4000
Thurman, Keith Round 5:  +4000
Thurman, Keith Round 6:  +3300
Thurman, Keith Round 7:  +3300
Thurman, Keith Round 8:  +4000
Thurman, Keith Round 9:  +4000
Thurman, Keith Round 10:  +4000
Thurman, Keith Round 11:  +5000
Thurman, Keith Round 12:  +5000
Thurman, Keith on Points:  +185
Draw:  +1600

Broadcast & Streaming

Date: Saturday, July 20th
Coverage begins at 7 pm,
           Fight 9 pm (EST); 9 am Sunday (GMT)
TV Broadcast:
Live Stream:
FITE TV or FOX Live Stream