Recent Illegal Gambling Raids Could Be Linked To Body Parts Left At Police Station

PNP logoLast Friday, a sack containing human ears, a left foot, and a left hand were found discarded at the Police HQ in Bacolod. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is currently investigating and believes that it could be linked to a recent illegal gambling raid conducted in the city.

At this time, it is unknown if the body parts were stolen from a funeral parlor or if they belonged to a man or a woman. NBI-Bacolod Director Renoir Baldovino said the body parts could be from a funeral parlor since they were cold and had no bloodstains.

Inside the bag of body parts, police found a note that read “William De Arca NBI Protector of Hanz Lopez Drug Lord.” William de Arca is a current NBI agent who insists he has no links to the illegal drug trade.

Over the past couple of years, the Philippines have been fighting to dismantle the e-sabong industry. Online e-sabong betting was legal under former President Rodrigo Duterte from April 2021 to January 2022 as an effort to restrict public gatherings at the cockpits. However, since the online cockfighting gambling privilege has been revoked, many illegal operations are still accepting online bets despite its status.

Director Baldovino also stated that recent NBI raids on an e-sabong and jueteng operation in Bacolod involved some very influential people. While popular, Jueteng betting is still considered an illegal grassroots numbers game.

The incident that occurred last week outside of the Police HQ is the third time body parts have been found in a public place in Bacolod City since January 2023.

The Legal Status Of Online Casinos In The Philippines

Legal online casinos in the Philippines operate from outside the country, as domestic casinos are restricted from offering their services online to the country. While there is the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) license program, those licensed sites are restricted from servicing the country that regulates them.

The popular online casino sites we review all accept PH players and offer incentives for signing up. Popular incentives include:

  • Welcome and reload bonuses.
  • Refer-a-friend cash.
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While the Philippine government does not outlaw offshore gambling sites, it does ask its residents to be safe and only play at trusted casino sites. Unlicensed sites do not have to adhere to strenuous regulatory checks. Online casino sites that are licensed by a trusted gaming commission provide players with a sense of security, knowing a third party is involved if any issues arise.