Valenzuela Bans Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators Amid Crackdown

Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators (POGO) have faced a tough few months with backlash from Senators, business owners, and two Philippine cities: Pasig City & Valenzuela. 

Pasig City was the first Philippine city to kick offshore operators out late last year with a city ordinance. The city-wide ordinance gave operators till the end of 2022 to collect their things and move out of town or face prosecution.

Valenzuela Mayor Wes Gatchalian told the media that banning POGOs was a preemptive strike before POGOs penetrated the city. 

Valenzuela Goes One Step Further

In addition to operators, Valenzuela banned small-town lotteries, eSabong, and online poker. While no poker operations or eSabong operators are in the city, this is also seen as a preemptive strike against future endeavors. 

Esabong has already been banned nationally, so it was not a surprise to see the city reiterate that concept; however, an online poker ban did come as a surprise as no other Philippine city has gone after legal online Philippine casinos

City residents and visitors who violate the new restrictions could face prison time or heavy fines. Violators could face up to a year in jail and penalties that range from P100,000 to P500,000. 

Can Philippine Players Still Access Online Gambling Sites?

Yes, online casino players from the Philippines can still access online gambling sites operating outside the country. Online casino sites state that players should follow local ordinances, so players from Valenzuela will have to follow local laws or face repercussions. 

While there has been a discussion to ban all forms of online gambling in the Philippines, no such law has been enacted. Philippine gambling laws do not outlaw online gambling, but numerous government officials have stressed that players should be cautious.   

What Do Online Casinos Offer Their Players?

Online casinos have a lot to offer their players, including digital currency banking options, sign-up bonuses, and reward programs, to name a few. 

Popular casino games are the main drawing factor and offer hours of entertainment at a fraction of the cost of in-house casinos. To cater to all types of players, online casinos have also started offering live dealer games via an online video feed.