PAGCOR Looks To Lower Revenue Share For Online Casinos To Fight Illegal Gambling

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) chairman, Alejandro Tengco, told media sources that the agency wants to reduce revenue share to make the market more competitive and fight illegal gambling operations.

Tengco stated that the goal is to cut the revenue share to 30-32 percent by next year. The current revenue share is 42.5%, down from the original 50% revenue share licensed offshore operators must share to obtain a license.

Tengco went on to say that he just wants to kill illegal gambling and that the problem was created since PAGCOR charged so much (50%) for their licensing. The PAGCOR chairman said he would reduce the revenue share to 37.5% by March.

The Philippines is estimated to lose about USD 17.8 million monthly to unlicensed casinos. Tengco said that he expects 2024 gross gaming revenue to reach PHP336.38 billion.

 Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators Explained

PAGCOR offers Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) licenses to nationwide online casinos. These licenses only allow operators to provide online casino games to other countries, not the Philippines.

Legal online casinos in the Philippines are all located outside the country and licensed by a trusted gaming regulator. To assure players that the online casino sites are fair, licensed casinos submit to compliance checks and are issued compliance certificates that state the odds are fair and the security protocols are working correctly.

How Will Lowering Shared Revenue Fight Illegal Gambling?

Chairman Tengco and many others believe that if they lower the revenue share, more legitimate operators will buy-in and help saturate the market with good competition. Illegal operators will be forced out as they won’t be able to keep up with the legal competition.

Many people believe that illegal gambling sites in the Philippines are a direct result of companies not being able to meet the revenue share and licensing fees. Only time will tell if this new tactic works, but it seems an excellent way to fight illegal gambling. Of course, the Philippine government will also continue to fight illegal gambling activities with police raids and wiretaps.

What Online Gambling Options Are Available In The Philippines?

Legal online gambling options in the Philippines include casino gambling, sports wagering, online lotteries, horse racing, poker, and more. Popular online casino games include online blackjack gambling, slots, roulette, baccarat, keno, craps, live dealer games, and more.

Most Filipinos use online gambling services due to their convenience and ease of use; it also helps that you don’t have to travel to access these sites. There are no gambling laws in the Philippines that make online gambling illegal. However, it is suggested that you only wager with licensed sites as an extra layer of protection for PH players.