Las Vegas Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Could Soon Be Banned From The Philippines

Casino mogul Steve Wynn is a former business partner to Kazuo Okada of Universal Entertainment Corp. and is under scrutiny for his statements about his former partner.

Philippine politicians and businesses are upset that Wynn called the country corrupt during a current legal battle with his former partner. Wynn Resorts accused Okada of paying $110k in cash and gifts to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Wynn specifically calls out PAGCOR chairman and CEO Christino Naguiat Jr., although he has denied any gifts or cash payment.

In response to the statements made by Wynn Resorts, the House of Representatives recently voted to ban the company from ever doing business in the Philippines, and now PAGCOR regulators will have to see the ban through. 

Who Regulates The Gaming Industry In The Philippines?

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has regulated the gambling industry in the Philippines since 1977. PAGCOR handles everything from domestic casinos and sportsbooks to online gambling ventures. PAGCOR owns 27 domestic casino locations exclusively but wants to sell the casinos to privatize the industry. 

Online casinos licensed by PAGCOR are only allowed to offer their games offshore. Recently the offshore operators’ licensing system has faced scrutiny for a handful of crimes linked to the industry. 

Are Online Casino Games Legal To Play In The Philippines?

Yes, Philippine residents can legally play online casino games from legal online Philippine casinos operating outside of the country. The government has suggested that Philippine residents only play online casino sites that a trusted gaming regulator licenses from a trusted gaming jurisdiction. 

Currently, no Philippine gambling laws forbid gambling online; however, laws regulate what domestic casinos can offer over the internet. Recently, PAGCOR announced that they will launch an online casino under the Casino Filipino name that will incorporate 3D technology; however, it is not known now if it will be accessible to Philippine residents.

Are The Casinos In Manila Like The Casinos In Vegas?

Yes, the casinos in Manila are very similar to those in Vegas since there are multiple luxurious casino-style resorts. Manila casinos offer the same odds and games you will find in Vegas but fewer options than their American counterparts.