Lucky Charms For Gambling In The Philippines

PH-Flag-iconFilipinos tend to be superstitious due to cultural influence. Superstitious ideas and the concept of charms that lead to good luck were brought to different regions by various settlers such as the Negritos, Indians, Chinese, Indonesians, Malays, Spanish, and Arabs. Most of the Philippines is of Christian or Catholic belief comprising 86% of the population identifying as Roman Catholic, 6% identifying as part of Nationalized Christian groups, and 2% identifying over 100 various Protestant denominations.

Therefore, Filipinos' beliefs in superstitions or reliance on lucky charms can derive from ethnic, cultural, and religious influences. While numerous Philippine superstitions relate to health, relationships, and fertility, there are several which directly relate to luck, wealth, and good fortune. If you’re looking to improve your luck at the casino table, with numbers like Jueteng, the lottery, or games of chance we list all the do’s and don’ts for Filipinos relating to their gambling fortune.

Gain Gambling Luck by Pure Chance:

  • If you crack an egg and have two yolks, this is a sign you will become rich
  • See a shooting star? Wrap some money in the corner of a handkerchief and play a game of chance, like slots, as you will win
  • If you dream of numbers, play them this is a sign you will win the lottery
  • If you see a white butterfly, this is a sign you will become rich
  • Did you wear some clothes and find out later they were inside out? This is a sign you will receive money soon*
  • Do you have black ants in your home or yard? This is a sign you will become rich
  • Does your palm itch? This is a sign that money is coming your way
  • Does the itch in your palm intensify? This is a sign of bigger fortunes and wealth coming
  • Jueteng** dreams: If you dreamt of a boy be sure to pick either number 1 or 10; dreamt of fecal matter, be sure to pick the number 8

*See Things To Avoid as a Filipino As To Not Cause Bad Gambling Luck

Lucky Charms and Things Filipinos Can do to Bring Luck for Money, Wealth, and Fortune:

  • Filipinos are advised to wear clothing with polka dots as it is believed the circles attract wealth and good fortune
  • Always keep some coins or bills (even if PHP20) in your purse or bag but don’t spend them - this is a sign that you will have continues money throughout the year
  • Any money in your wallet should be arranged from lowest to highest denominations with all money face facing inward. This is to attract the growth of your money
  • Always use your right hand to pay and left hand to receive money. This equates balance in your life which attracts more wealth
  • No luck in love or suffering from a recent heartbreak? You will receive good fortune gambling as lady luck will pity you
  • Try to catch a two-tailed lizard if you see one as this will bring you immense luck in gambling
  • Pregnant women are considered good luck as they are blessed and should gamble either by themselves or with their husbands
  • Be sure to make a sign of the cross before each card is drawn or dice are tossed as this is said to bring luck
  • You can purchase Feng Shui bracelets with money symbols engraved in them or those which are considered wealth catchers

How Philippine Players Can Avoid Bad Luck in Gambling :

  • *Do not purposefully wear your clothes inside out as this will bring bad luck and misfortune because lady luck will believe you are trying to trick her into providing you with good luck
  • Avoid seeing the number 7 while you are gambling as this means you will lose
  • Avoid the numbers 3, 5, and 9 as these are considered unlucky numbers in gambling
  • Do not sweep or be around someone sweeping the floor while cards are being played or gambling is occurring as it is believed the luck will be swept away
  • Do not let a lady sit next to you at a casino as lady luck will get jealous and cause you misfortune

We want to add a disclaimer to these do’s and don’ts, everyone is different: some will break away from this list and follow their own personal good luck charms, and that is alright. These are merely common superstitions which we thought would be fun to provide here. However, you do not have to follow them because, again, everyone is different and there is absolutely nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your own drum. You may have your own personal lucky charm in gambling that only applies to you - and there is nothing wrong with that!

Do what works for you no matter what our lists say. If you would like to follow our list, that’s alright too. In any case, we wish you the best of luck!

How to Use Lucky Charms For Gambling in the Philippines

If you've found a trick, superstition or lucky charm that brings you good luck when you place bets, then there are multiple forms of legal gambling entertainment you can participate in to put that luck to the test.  Along with plenty of the best local casinos in Metro Manila and surrounding areas, you can also see if your charm brings you luck when gambling online as well.  Some of your options include:

**Jueteng is considered an illegal gambling form in the Philippines. However, recent statements by the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte reveal he will not be stopping Filipinos from playing Jueteng.