Philippines Legal MLB Betting For 2024

Philippines MLB logo with starWhile baseball isn’t the most popular team sport in the Philippines (that distinction belongs to basketball), it remains in high demand. And though there are some local baseball teams and various amateur teams to follow, most Filipino baseball fans tune in to the world’s premier professional baseball league, Major League Baseball (MLB).

As such, Philippine legal baseball betting is an extremely popular market. Unfortunately, MegaSportsWorld (MSW) is the only domestic provider with MLB odds, and they haven’t got too many to choose from. If you want the most lines on the MLB today, overseas sportsbooks are safe and legal for all PH residents to use to place their MLB picks and parlays. So step up to the plate!

Is It Legal To Bet On MLB Baseball In The Philippines?

Yes! While domestic sportsbooks operated by MegaSportsWorld and licensed by the Philippine Amusement And Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) offer betting now, it's limited to those aged 21+ and rated as established VIP gamblers. However, you can safely wager over the Internet by using any of the reputable Philippines sports betting sites listed here. Each of these offers wagers on all MLB games, with live betting for most matchups, as well.

There are no Philippine gambling laws that prevent residents of the islands from placing baseball bets – or any other kinds of bets – with these offshore operators, and the PH government has gone so far as to explicitly approve these markets. If you want to bet on MLB games today for real money payouts, you can do so without breaking any local or national laws.

Best Online MLB Betting Sites For 2024

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2024 MLB Teams

Major League Baseball is comprised of 30 teams. There are 15 clubs each from the American League and the National League. These two leagues are both split into three sub-groups, each with five teams from the East, Central, and West divisions.

While the most popular team in the islands is the New York Yankees, Philippines MLB betting is brisk on every team in the Majors, and offshore sportsbooks have daily odds and props for each of them.

2024 MLB Odds At Philippine Online Sportsbooks

When it comes to MLB odds, 2020 is a bit of an oddball (curveball?) year. Like the major sports leagues in the Philippines, the MLB season was dramatically shortened by the Wuhan coronavirus, with Opening Day delayed by four months and finally commencing on July 23.

With each team playing just 60 games – and with the MLB Playoffs expanded to 16 teams from the usual 10, the futures boards for division winners, pennant winners, and World Series champions are definitely more competitive than usual, which means that Filipino gamblers have many more chances to win when placing such wagers.

You can find current MLB 2022 championship odds at all the best international Philippines betting sites year-round. These World Series futures are available at all times, and you will always get more value on your selections the earlier you place your bets.

2024 MLB Season Structure

The MLB season is typically very long, lasting from April until October each year. The MLB schedule has each of the league’s 30 teams playing 162 games, for a total of 2430 contests, not including the MLB Playoffs.

The most avid Philippines baseball bettors and fans will follow each game, staying up to date with the latest MLB results and MLB standings. For the statistically inclined, there is no better sport to bet on than Major League Baseball, as sportsbooks will generate up to half a million MLB bets over the course of season, including pre-game lines and live MLB betting lines.

For more casual Filipino sports fans, of course, it’s enough to just follow their favorite few teams as they go through the year playing their rivals in three- and four-game series. Each club plays every other team in its division 19 times, and there is plenty of interleague baseball action, too (though with both leagues now having designated hitters, these are a bit less exciting).

The most important dates of the MLB season are roughly as follows (though these will change year-to-year by a few days in either direction):

  • Late March/Early April: Opening Day
  • Early June: MLB Draft
  • Mid-July: MLB All-Star Weekend
  • Late July: Trade deadline
  • Late September: End of MLB regular season
  • Late September/Early October: Start of MLB Playoffs
  • Mid-October: Start of MLB World Series
  • Late October: End of World Series

How To Bet On Major League Baseball In The Philippines

Legal MLB betting is easy enough to understand, as it works just like other sports leagues when it comes to the kinds of wagers offered by the best sportsbooks for Filipino bettors.

If you want to place your baseball bets at a brick-and-mortar MegaSportsWorld retailer, you have that option, though it's not the best one available to you. Instead, if you live in the Philippines and want the most convenient way to wager on the most possible baseball odds, legal offshore sports betting sites are the way to go.

Our brief MLB betting guide for Filipino gamblers will outline those wager types below, with a short explanation for what you can expect from each.

Note: All the best offshore Filipino sportsbooks post their legal betting odds in the American moneyline format, which you can view as each wager’s price tag. The baseball odds you find at MegaSportsWorld may use a different format, but as long as you understand how the money line works, you'll be able to easily convert the information.

In the most basic terms, a negative moneyline indicates the favorite, and it shows how much you must risk in order to win $100. A positive moneyline indicates the underdog, and that shows how much you stand to win on a $100 bet. These are ratios, not betting minimums, and most legal Philippine sportsbooks use US dollars as their units of currency.

MLB Bet types – A Brief Guide For Philippine Gamblers

If you’ve ever seen typical Las Vegas odds, MLB bet types at offshore Philippine sportsbooks will follow the same basepath. There are the standard MLB betting lines, MLB-specific 5-inning lines, and all the usual player props, team props, and futures to choose from.

  • MLB Straight Moneyline – Straight bets are the most straightforward bets – just pick a winner! These wagers are paid out per their attached moneylines. The bigger the favorite, the smaller the payout, while the bigger the underdog, the bigger the payout.
  • MLB Run Line – The MLB runline is the same as the point spread in other sports, with the distinction that sportsbooks almost always set their run lines to -1.5 for the favorite. Thus, to win a run line bet, the favored team must win the game by two or more runs. Alternatively, the underdog can lose by up to one run and still win the wager.
  • MLB Totals – Also called MLB over/under bets, totals merely require the bettor to select whether the combined final score of an MLB game will total more or fewer points than the threshold published by the sportsbook. Over/unders usually payout the same on either side of the wager.
  • MLB 5-Inning Line – The MLB five-inning line is specific to baseball betting, only the game – for betting purposes – “ends” after five innings. You can place 5-inning bets on straights, runlines, and over/unders. Baseball bettors like 5-inning lines because they take relief pitching out of the equation, focusing all the wagers on starting pitcher performances.
  • MLB Prop Bets – MLB props can be player or team props, and these include in-game statistical outcomes unrelated to the final score. Common examples of MLB player props are how many strikeouts a pitcher will rack up or how many hits a player will get. Team prop examples are things like how many errors one team commits or how many home runs one team will clobber over the fence.
  • MLB Futures Bets – MLB futures are betting lines on outcomes that are a long way off, like which teams will win their divisions, the league pennants, or the MLB World Series. MLB players can also be the subjects of futures, as you can bet on who will win a Golden Glove, a Silver Slugger, the Rookie of the Year, the Cy Young award, and the MVP. The further out you place your baseball futures, the better they payout.

MLB Live Betting At Philippine Offshore Sportsbooks

If you live in the Philippines, you already follow MLB live scores, so you might as well bet on the games in real-time, too! Live betting doesn’t close before the action begins like traditional Major League Baseball betting does. Instead, with live betting, Filipino bettors get new odds as each game progresses, which reflects the action of the game up to the point when the lines are posted.

Philippines baseball bettors can participate in live baseball betting at all the top-rated offshore sportsbooks recommended here, adding literally thousands of betting opportunities to their daily menus.

Here’s an example of why live betting is so popular in the islands: Let’s say you bet on the Red Sox to beat the Yankees, only to see the Bronx Bombers plate six runs in the first. With live betting, you can mitigate or even totally recover those pre-game losses by wagering your money the other way.

(Of course, given that the Yankees are the most popular team in the Philippines, we're not sure why you'd pick the BoSox to begin with, but when you use secure online betting sites like those listed here, your wagers are your business!)

Philippines-Friendly MLB Mobile Betting – Best MLB Betting Apps 2024

Everyone in the Philippines bets via mobile, and all the best international bookmakers support mobile betting on MLB baseball and other sports. Best of all, you don’t need an Android sports betting app or betting app for iPhone devices, because these sites all use HTML-friendly web apps that you can access from any modern smartphone or tablet browser.

Just use your mobile device to visit your Philippines MLB betting site of choice, log in, and get one-touch controls to browse the boards and submit your betting slips. With mobile betting, you can wager on MLB action from anywhere in the islands, legally and securely, 24/7/365. Try getting that kind of access from MSW and PAGCOR!

MLB Betting Tips For Filipino Punters

More than any other sport known to man, Major League Baseball is a statistical goldmine, and savvy bettors will use these statistics to get an edge at their sportsbooks of choice.

However, it’s not enough to just follow stats. To make the most informed wagers, Filipino punters also need to tap into other kinds of information and use standard gambling best practices to maximize their bankrolls.

The following free MLB betting tips are our gift to you, like a 70 MPH fastball right down the pipe. Swing for the fences with these basic MLB betting strategies:

  • Check the daily weather reports for each game, as humidity, altitude, barometric pressure, and clear vs. cloudy skies all make a difference.
  • Stay up to date on online analysis and MLB betting predictions.
  • Pay attention to home and away records for each team.
  • Pay attention to ATS (against the spread) records for each team.
  • Study MLB daily lineups, as these are submitted 2-3 hours before each game.
  • Follow all MLB trades, because a mid-season pickup might be the difference between a pennant run and an early exit.
  • Consume daily MLB news updates.
  • Always check out yesterday’s MLB scores.
  • Always check the MLB injury reports.
  • If you’re a beginner bettor, stay away from MLB parlay bets.
  • Wager no more than 2-3% of your bankroll on each game.
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose!

Philippines Legal MLB Betting FAQs

Q: What is Major League Baseball?

A: Major League Baseball is the world’s preeminent professional baseball league with players from all around the world competing at the sport’s highest levels.

The MLB has players from the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean islands, Korea, Japan, and other countries that participate in the sport.

Q: What year did MLB start?

A: Major League Baseball was born in 1903, when America’s two professional baseball organizations, the National League (founded 1876) and the American League (founded 1901), combined into one entity. These leagues operated as separate legal enterprises until the MLB was legally unified in 2000.

And, of course, it goes without saying that baseball betting started the same year that baseball did!

Q: How many teams are in the MLB?

A: There are currently 30 Major League Baseball teams, with 29 in the US and one in Canada. You can bet on every single game for each team at the best Philippine online sportsbooks.

Q: Which Major League Baseball team should I bet on?

A: As of the latter half of the 2010s, you should be betting heavily on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, and New York Yankees. However, in each season there are several other contenders and wildcards, and the most dominant teams on paper don’t always win the World Series.

Of course, most Filipino punters just bet on the Yankees, which means they win way more often than they lose.

Q: What is the most popular MLB team in the Philippines?

A: The New York Yankees are the most popular and most wagered-on team in the Philippines – and everywhere else in the world.

The Bronx Bombers have won the MLB championship 27 times in 40 appearances. As such, the Yankees have historically made it to the World Series 35% of the time, winning the title 23% of the time.

Q: What MLB teams are in California?

A: After the Yanks, Filipino baseball bettors tend to favor teams from California. In CA, there are five MLB clubs:

  • Los Angeles Angels (AL)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
  • Oakland Athletics (AL)
  • San Diego Padres (NL)
  • San Francisco Giants (NL)

Q: How many games are in an MLB season?

A: When it comes to many games are in a Major League Baseball season, this is one of the things that makes the game so popular with Filipino punters. There are a massive 162 games per team, for a total of 2430 regular season games and up to half a million betting lines each season!

Q: How many games are in the MLB Playoffs?

A: In the standard MLB postseason (excepting 2020’s expanded team pool), there is a theoretical minimum of 26 games and a maximum of 43 games. For Philippines bettors who like extra baseball, here's hoping each series goes the distance!

Q: How many rounds are in the MLB Draft?

A: This has changed dramatically in recent years. Trough 2019, there were 40 rounds in the MLB Draft, the most for any major pro sport in the world. In 2020, the draft was reduced to five rounds, and in 2021 – due to the impact of the coronavirus – the draft will be 20 rounds.

If you use a legal Philippines sports betting site, you can bet on the MLB draft whenever it rolls around.

Q: Has a Filipino player ever made it the Majors?

A: Despite the MLB fielding players from over 45 countries in the last century and a half, there has only ever been a single natural-born Filipino player in the Majors: Bobby Chouinard of Manila.

Chouinard, a relief pitcher, played in five seasons (1996, 1998-2001) and was a member of four MLB teams: the Oakland Athletics, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rockies.

The first player of Filipino descent to play in Major League Baseball was outfielder Bobby Balcena, who played in two games for the Cincinnati Redlegs in September 1956.

Q: What is the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball?

  • MLB Regular Season - 26 straight games: NY Giants (1916)
  • MLB Postseason - 12 straight games: NY Yankees (1927-1928, 1932), NY Yankees (1998-1999)
  • MLB World Series – 14 straight games: NY Yankees (1996, 1998-2000)

Q: How many double stitches are in a Major League baseball?

A: As all real Philippine baseball aficionados want to know, there are 108 double stitches on a regulation MLB baseball.

Q: Is the MLB dying?

A: Not by a Barry Bonds longshot…er, moonshot!

The MLB is one of the world’s wealthiest sports leagues, with the average team value sitting at $1.85 billion.

The MLB suffered from poor ratings after the 1994 player’s strike, but the league has since recovered, arguably being saved by the Mark McGwire vs. Sammy Sosa home run rivalry of the late 1990s. As in the US, MLB ratings in the Philippines skyrocketed when Bic Mac and Slammin' Sammy did.

Resources For MLB Fans In The Philippines