Philippine Casinos That Accept Cardano Deposits & Payouts

Philippines AcceptedUPDATE 10/8/21: Good news! Cardano (ADA) is now supported by BetOnline, SportsBetting AG, and SuperSlots Casino! This third-generation crypto coin was just added to their banking menus, and we strongly recommend all crypto gamblers give ADA a try.

If you live in the Philippines, you can safely and legally gamble with any licensed and regulated offshore gambling site that operates outside of the islands themselves. And while making sure you pick only the most reputable online casinos for Filipino gamblers is very important, it’s also important to make sure the site you choose supports modern, accessible, rapid online gambling deposit methods.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are popular choices for bet funding, but the hottest crypto coin in the world right now is Cardano (ADA). Fortunately, several gambling providers are now supporting the popular altcoin.

Here, we introduce you to the best Philippine Cardano casinos, show you how to buy Cardano, explain the Cardano deposit process, and even discuss the benefits of the Cardano blockchain in general. If you want to make money by getting crypto and betting crypto, Cardano is the best hand you can play!

Is Cardano Legal In The Philippines?

Legal IconYes! There are no laws barring residents of the country from using Cardano, but crypto exchanges and withdrawals are subject to governmental oversight and taxation.

That means that as long as you go through legal exchanges to buy Cardano and use it for lawful purposes – such as legal Philippine online casino gambling at legal offshore betting sites – you are breaking no laws whatsoever.

In fact, because crypto is so readily accepted at the best PH casinos, it’s actually the best, most convenient, and most valuable way to deposit into your bankroll and withdraw your winnings the same day you request your payouts!

Are Cardano Casinos Legal In The Philippines?

They sure are! There are no Philippine gambling laws that bar access to offshore online casino games for PH residents. In fact, the government is on record approving these sorts of sites, provided they’re licensed and regulated in their own home countries.

This gives the average Filipino bettor the ability to access online gambling safely and securely, as the nation’s POGO industry is limited to non-Philippines residents living in other countries, and most local gamblers cannot access new inland PIGO services.

Best Online Cardano Gambling Sites For Filipino Players

Site NameBonus OfferAgeAccepts Filipinos?Visit Site
1Xbit Casino & Sportsbook LogoUp To 7 BTC18+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
Betonline Sportsbook And Casino100% Max $3,00018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
Super Slots250% Max $600018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review
SportsBetting Sportsbook And Casino100% Max $1,00018+Philippines Accepted YesVisit Site Review

What Is Cardano?

Cardano logoCardano, named after 16th century Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, is a third-generation cryptocurrency that went live in 2015. The coin – or asset – that uses the Cardano blockchain is called Ada, and its ticker symbol is ADA. Over the last few years, Cardano has held a firm grip on the market, ranking in the top five of all popular crypto assets across all major online exchanges.

Cardano is also the first truly decentralized cryptocurrency network, setting the standard for the future of the industry. Even though Bitcoin (BTC) will always be the “granddaddy” of cryptocurrencies, it’s not as useful for active trading due to its complexities and costs.

For example, if you make a Bitcoin betting deposit to an online PH casino site, you’ll actually incur more blockchain fees simply due to the computing power required to process and verify the BTC transaction. That leaves less of your deposit with which to gamble. Cardano lets you save more of your bankroll than any other crypto deposit method.

The Cardano blockchain is far faster and cheaper for users, and it employs a novel Proof-of-Stake (PoS) verification system that is based around distributed efficiency. Also, instead of mining Cardano, you can earn free Cardano coin rewards by delegating your Ada to stake pools from any compatible Cardano Shelley Era wallet.

How To Buy Cardano ADA

It’s extremely simple to buy Cardano, as most notable online Philippines cryptocurrency exchanges support ADA. Of course, to maximize your returns, it’s important to pay attention to the daily Cardano price, and there are a number of Cardano prediction resources online that will help you time your Ada purchases to get the most value. This way, you can invest the same amount of money but get even more bang for your buck!

The process takes just a few minutes, even for users who have never purchased crypto before. To get started, just choose a highly rated online PH cryptocurrency exchange, create a free account, verify your identity, and link a bank account or debit card. Then, use your government-issued funds to buy Cardano, which will be credited to your online exchange wallet in just a few minutes.

Many exchanges accept Philippine Pesos for buying certain cryptocurrencies, though most won’t let you directly buy Ada without first buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Fortunately, all major exchanges allow you to immediately trade those assets for Cardano, and each has easy-to-understand instructions for:

  • How to buy Cardano with Bitcoin
  • How to buy Cardano with Ethereum
  • How to buy Cardano with Litecoin

Once you have your Ada coins credited to your exchange account and have made your online casino deposit, you can either leave the remaining balance on the exchange or transfer it to a Cardano software wallet or Cardano hardware wallet.

Where To Buy Cardano ADA

Buying Cardano is easy, but it’s even easier once you know where to buy Ada. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of online exchanges that advertise Philippines access, but most of these are smaller operations that haven’t stood up to the test of time.

Instead, you want to make sure the Cardano exchange you choose is certified, licensed, insured, regulated, and legitimate. If you want to gamble online, save it for the casinos – Don’t take an extra gamble when choosing the best exchange to buy Cardano.

All the crypto exchange services listed below are A-rated platforms operating in the Philippines and accepting members at 18 and up. We frequently use each of them, and the process is always quick, smooth, and guaranteed.

  • Binance
  • BitPanda
  • Coinbase
  • Coinmama
  • eToro

Note: It is strongly recommended that after making your online Philippines casino, PH sportsbook, or PH poker deposit, you immediately transfer your remaining Ada from your online exchange account to a private Ada wallet. You may also transfer your Ada to a wallet before depositing your betting funds. Our FAQ section below has advice on the best Cardano wallets to use.

How To Use Cardano At Legal Online Philippine Casinos

Once you have your Cardano ADA, the deposit process at any top-rated online Philippines casino is extremely straightforward. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll be able to play all the online gambling games you could ever want – and more!

  1. Follow any link here to a legitimate Philippines casino website that accepts Cardano, and click the “Sign Up,” “Join,” or “Register” button.
  2. Enter in all requested information. Some sites will ask you to create a user name, password, and to provide personal data. Other sites are more anonymous, and these will simply assign you an account with just one click. All reputable PH gambling operators use state-of-the-art encryption to secure your information, and no site will ever sell or share your personal or financial data.
  3. At the “Deposit” screen, select the “Cryptocurrency” option and find the listing for ADA. Cardano deposits can then be made by simply entering the casino’s Cardano receiving address into the recipient field of your exchange wallet or private wallet. Select an amount of Ada to send to the site, and your deposit will be credited in under five minutes on average.

Philippine Casino Cardano Bonuses And Promos

During the deposit process, you can elect to receive an optional online casino bonus. Each Philippines Cardano casino will have different bonus amounts, which might be a deciding factor when you’re debating which online gambling site to join.

Of course, since signing up is always free, you can join more than one site for no added cost, effectively doubling all the legal online Philippines slots, Philippines blackjack games, bingo games, video poker games, roulette games, and other amusements on offer. This lets you double your bonus potential, too, so you can bet more and win more!

Regardless of where you play, however, when you deposit with Cardano ADA, you’ll get enhanced bonuses that regular banking methods can’t come close to matching!

  • Cardano Online Casino Sign-Up Bonuses
  • Cardano Online Casino Reload Bonuses
  • Cardano Online Casino Weekly Game Bonuses
  • Cardano Online Casino No-Deposit Bonuses

In addition to the above deposit-specific and game-specific bonuses to choose from, Philippines mobile casinos that host poker rooms and sportsbooks always have special promotions for those markets, too. Remember to accept bonuses only for those gambling markets in which you most regularly participate.

All casino bonuses and online betting bonuses come with playthrough or rollover requirements that must be met before you can withdraw, but these are all fair and attainable. As such, we suggest accepting Philippines online gambling promos whenever you’re eligible.

Cardano Gambling FAQs

Is Cardano legit?

Not only is Cardano legit, it’s actually one of the most fully-realized cryptocurrencies in the world. It’s the first digital currency to be fully decentralized, and it’s massively popular, right along with the most famous coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and others.

The Cardano blockchain is quantum-hacking-resistant, and Cardano rewards are available to all holders who delegate their Ada to stake pools. Cardano betting and free money? Sign us up!

Should I make online casino deposits with Cardano or Bitcoin?

Whether you want to gamble with Bitcoin or Cardano, both are fantastic options and offer excellent value to your bottom line. However, if your Philippines-friendly online casino accepts Cardano, we definitely recommend it instead of BTC or any other supported cryptocurrency.

Cardano has the lowest blockchain transaction fees, comes with enhanced bonus options to add even more free plays and free spins to your account, and makes you eligible to receive same-day payouts. And like all crypto banking options, Cardano casino deposits and withdrawals have zero added costs attached.

What is the best Cardano wallet?

There are a number of differed ADA Cardano wallets out there, but the best ones are those that allow you to delegate your Ada to stake pools. Cardano stake pools are the backbone of the Cardano verification and mining system, and they offer delegators incredible rewards – that is, free Cardano – just for participating.

There’s no extra cost when staking Ada with these pools, and you can still trade and sell staked Ada coins at any time with no penalties. The wallets that support Ada delegation are all software-based and can be used on desktop computers and mobile iPhone and Android devices.

  • Cardano Staking Wallets – Daedalus Wallet, Yoroi Wallet, Adalite Wallet
  • Cardano Software Wallets (Non-Staking) – Atomic Wallet, Mycelium Wallet
  • Cardano Hardware Wallets – Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Trezor One, Trezor Model T

What is ADA?

When written in all caps, ADA is synonymous with Cardano itself. ADA is the Cardano blockchain network’s trading symbol (aka ticker symbol).

What is Ada?

When written as “Ada,” this references the native units of trade on the Cardano network. The asset you buy is called Ada, and the platform on which Ada operates is called Cardano (ADA). This is mostly semantic, of course, as all crypto users will know what you mean even if you use the terms totally interchangeably.

Where can I buy Cardano coins in the Philippines?

The best Philippines crypto exchanges to use are Binance, BitPanda,, Coinbase, Coinmama, and eToro. Some of these even directly accept Philippine Pesos, though others will require you to buy Cardano with USD, CAD, Euros, or other cryptocurrencies.

Can I buy Cardano on Coinbase in the Philippines?

Yes! As of March 2020, Cardano Coinbase trading is now available on the Coinbase Pro exchange and through Coinbase directly. Coinbase is a US-based exchange but does business internationally and accepts Philippine residents and citizens at 18 and up.

Can I buy Cardano on Gemini?

If you live in the Philippines, you cannot access or trade on the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. However, there are several reputable online crypto exchanges that do serve Filipinos, like those mentioned above.

Is Cardano a good investment?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Cardano isn’t just a good investment, it’s a great investment! According to many cryptocurrency analysts, developers, and specialists, it’s one of the top five crypto assets in the world, and the latest Cardano news suggests that the price of Cardano could double or triple every few months in the near future! To see how much it’s grown lately, just look up any online Cardano chart.

But even if you only use Ada to gamble at Cardano casinos, your Ada can still be an investment. That’s because, when you’re paid out in Cardano, your winnings will appreciate in value as the asset itself goes up. This is one of the most compelling reasons to join a Cardano ADA casino ASAP!

How can I stake Cardano?

If you’re wondering how to earn Cardano (outside of winning your bets at the most respected online Cardano casinos for Philippines players, that is), staking Cardano – or delegating Cardano – is the answer. And it’s remarkably easy!

As long as you store your Ada coins in the Daedalus Wallet, the Yoroi Wallet, or the Adalite Wallet, you can browse any stake pool using the pooltool browser. When you see one you like, simply enter in the pool’s address through your wallet’s built-in delegation option. That’s literally all there is to it, and after that, you’ll start earning Cardano ADA rewards (i.e. free Cardano!) every five days.

If you have any questions about staking Cardano or how Ada rewards are disbursed, any online Cardano forum (like the IOHK Blog or the Cardano Reddit page) will answer all your questions.

Will Cardano reach $100?

Currently, the price of Ada is about $1.50. However, just a few months ago, it was under 20 cents, so it’s been growing in value and popularity rapidly. We think there’s an excellent chance that within the next 2-5 years, the Cardano price will hit $100 a coin – and possibly much more!

Because this Cardano gambling guide has shown you how to buy the popular cryptocurrency – and how to store it and spend it – you also now know all the steps required for how to invest in Cardano ADA. And it could be the best investment you’ll ever make!