Pasig City Outlaws Online Gambling Operators Inside City Limits

Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators (POGO) license holders will have to move out of Pasig City after the local government announced that they would not allow license holders to operate within the city limits. 

The announcement comes after a string of bad publicity surrounding POGO licenses in the Philippines. The local Pasig city government said in a statement that current license holders will have to leave the city and that new POGO licenses will not be issued in Pasig City. Existing operators have one year to get out of town, according to Ordinance 55, s-22.

POGO Benefits

Despite all the negative press surrounding POGO gambling in the Philippines, the program has increased revenue to the Philippines with licensing fees. The money generated from the licensing has been so substantial that the Philippine government has yet to address the situation due to the benefits surrounding the additional income. However, China is unhappy with the POGO program and has recently called for action against the online industry.

Offshore Gambling In The Philippines

Multiple reports have indicated that the online gambling sector of the Philippines has led to increased crime, including human trafficking, kidnapping, slave labor, and torture. Recently, Chinese nationals have been deported from the Philippines for working illegally in the country for online gambling companies.

The first 35 POGO licenses were issued in 2016 and peaked at 63 permits in 2019. Despite their criticism, the national government and new president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has yet to address the concerns of numerous business owners and local government officials.

Is Online Gambling Legal in The Philippines?

Yes, online gambling is legal according to Philippine gambling laws. Philippine nationals can access legal online Philippine casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites from gambling sites operating outside the country. POGO license holders can offer online gambling services to other countries but not the Philippines.  

Once Pasig city outlaws gambling operators inside the city limits, residents can still access the top online casino sites we review as they operate outside of the Philippines. Our reviews detail the best banking, bonus, and gameplay options online for PH residents.